Police Suspect Detained en Route to Execute Mall Shooting in Fort Smith

Police: Suspect Detained en Route to Execute Mall Shooting in Fort Smith

On April 26, police detained a guy before he attempted to carry out a plan to kill two people at Fort Smith’s Central Mall, according to authorities.

According to court filings, a 911 caller stated that Rodney Sheffield was on his way to Central Mall “with the intent to kill people.”

Sheffield was nabbed during a traffic stop after police said he was driving erratically on Rogers Avenue. During the stop, the officer noticed a weapon on the floor of the passenger side of Sheffield’s vehicle and, during a pat down, discovered rifle magazines in Sheffield’s pockets. Sheffield was detained for reckless driving and making terroristic threats.

During the inquiry, the 911 caller was identified as Sheffield’s friend, who stated that he received a text from Sheffield saying “Here we go” and a picture of Sheffield holding a weapon across his body outside the mall, prompting him to contact 911, according to court records.

Aric Mitchell of the Fort Smith Police Department (FSPD) emphasized the importance of the tip that led to Sheffield’s arrest. “It’s just a reminder to speak out if you notice something. Don’t think it’s an inconvenience for your law enforcement agency to disclose this information because it could potentially save lives.”

According to authorities, Sheffield was unhappy because his Social Security disability claim had been denied, and he intended to shoot and murder an employee at his lawyer’s company, which was located in the mall near the Social Security disability office. Sheffield allegedly expressed a desire to shoot the judge involved in the allegation, according to investigators.

While carrying out a search warrant on Sheffield’s phone, officers discovered evidence of child sex abuse, including four films and 127 photographs of young children being sexually molested. Charges based on such findings were added.

Sheffield’s lawyer, Adam Rose, acknowledged to 5NEWS that he has pled not guilty, and the inquiry is still underway. Rose claims to have “no doubt justice will prevail after this matter.”

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