_7-Year-Old Found Carrying Toy Gun on Bus in SW Miami-Dade, Authorities Report

7-Year-Old Found Carrying Toy Gun on Bus in SW Miami-Dade, Authorities Report

Debarylife – Florida’s Southwest (WSVN) Miami-Dade Police in Southwest Miami: Dade reported that a 7-year-old boy who was found in possession of a fake gun on board a school bus gave chase, frightening the other students.

On Monday afternoon, police officers from Miami-Dade County arrived at the scene and halted the bus at Southwest 394th Street and 209th Avenue.

The child carried the orange-tipped toy gun in his backpack, investigators claimed. Although he did not issue any threats, the bus driver was informed by someone else on board who had observed the fake pistol.

Concerning allegations of a 7-year-old youngster found in possession of a toy pistol on a local bus prompted authorities in Southwest Miami-Dade to take action. Police responded quickly after learning of the finding, which alarmed other passengers.

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The kid was found in possession of the toy pistol during a routine patrol along the bus route, according to remarks made by the police.

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When the driver noticed the object, the passengers warned him right away. Officers from the police department were called and sent to the location to evaluate the issue right away.

Luckily, there was no damage done since the issue was promptly remedied. Authorities seized the toy pistol from the child’s possession and securely took them off the bus. It was discovered via further inquiries that the child had brought the toy along naively, not realizing the possible repercussions.

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Even though everything was resolved amicably, the event should serve as a warning about the value of being watchful and careful with toys. Parents and guardians should teach their kids how to use toys safely, especially ones that seem like weapons, according to law officials.

Additionally, officials asked passengers to stay vigilant and notify bus drivers or law enforcement right away of any suspicious activity or objects.

Communities have a collective voice when it comes to ensuring everyone’s safety and wellbeing in public places like buses, particularly for kids.

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