A Man has been arrested after women say they were punched while walking in New York City

In a swift response to a disturbing series of incidents, the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has apprehended a 40-year-old Brooklyn man, Skiboky Stora, on charges of assault. This arrest comes amid reports from multiple women in New York City recounting unprovoked physical attacks while navigating the streets of Manhattan.

These victims shared eerily similar experiences of being suddenly and forcefully punched in the head or face by a stranger.

One particular incident that led to Stora’s arrest involved a 23-year-old woman who, while walking near West 16th Street and 7th Avenue at approximately 10:20 a.m. on a Monday, reported being struck in the head by an unidentified individual.

The assault resulted in the victim falling to the ground, sustaining injuries to the left side of her face. She was promptly treated at a local medical facility. NYPD, through diligent investigation, identified and arrested Stora in connection with this attack.

Details on the investigative process that led to the identification of Stora remain undisclosed. As of Wednesday afternoon, Stora was being processed into custody, with the investigation ongoing. It remains unclear if Stora has legal representation to address these allegations.

Adding to the concern, another similar attack was reported on St. Patrick’s Day, located about a mile and a half from the site of the aforementioned assault. A 25-year-old woman, while walking her dog near Kenmare and Mulberry Streets just before 11:50 a.m., also fell victim to an unprovoked punch to the head.

Fortunately, she reported no injuries from the incident. The connection between these two attacks is still under investigation, with no suspects detained in relation to the St. Patrick’s Day event as of the latest updates.

The recent assaults have not only rattled the local community but have also garnered attention on social media platforms like TikTok and X (formerly Twitter), where multiple women have recounted similar experiences of being attacked in daylight throughout Manhattan.

These shared stories range from sudden confrontations while using their phones to shocking physical assaults that left them in disbelief and fear.

These alarming accounts highlight a growing concern for public safety in New York City, especially for women. The NYPD continues its investigation into these attacks, seeking to determine any potential connections between the incidents and to ensure the safety and security of the city’s residents.

As the community reels from these unprovoked acts of violence, the commitment to bringing those responsible to justice remains unwavering.

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