Ageless Advice! 110-Year-Old NJ Man Who Drives Daily Shares Keys to Long, Healthy Life

Ageless Advice! 110-Year-Old NJ Man Who Drives Daily Shares Keys to Long, Healthy Life

DEBARYLIFE – After turning 110 this month, the great-grandfather of seven and former volunteer fire chief from New Jersey became one of the world’s rarest supercentenarian men.

At Singac Volunteer Fire Company #3, his former engine house, Vincent Dransfield, of Little Falls, celebrated his milestone birthday on March 28. With this celebration, he became the eighth-oldest man living according to reports.

Dransfield is among the few men among the group of over 110-year-olds who have had a healthy life with just a little knee pain to complain about throughout the years, as women make up 90% of supercentenarians globally, according to the New England Centenarian Study, according to “Today.”

He makes basic meals for himself, walks up and down his three-story home, drives “pretty good” every day without any problems, and lives alone without the assistance of a home health attendant or other support staff.

He doesn’t suffer from headaches or backaches and has never had cancer, dementia, or other serious illnesses.

The comments I received when I asked the internet to estimate my age were hilarious.

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However, 1914-born Dransfield is hardly an extreme health fanatic.

In addition to working from the age of fifteen to his late seventies, he smoked cigarettes for twenty years. He consumes anything he wants to eat, such as hamburgers, milk chocolate, and Italian cuisine; he also enjoys coffee daily, the occasional beer, and watching runners.

Joggers are laughed at by him. As his granddaughter Erica Lista told “Today,” “He’s like, ‘Where are they running to?'”

Having raised three children, one grandchild, and one great-grandchild, Dransfield attributes his long and healthy life to luck, milk, and following his passion.

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He said, “I’ve been extremely, extremely, extremely fortunate in my life.”

This “highly troubling” new study claims that “accelerated aging” is the reason why young people are becoming more likely to get cancer.

To provide for his family, the native of New Jersey was forced to leave school before finishing high school. He worked as a milk delivery boy for five years, having his own limitless supply, after starting work at a dairy farm at the age of fifteen.

Because I worked on a farm, I was consuming milk and eating a healthy diet. Frequently, I reflect that they provided me with a solid foundation in life and for my skeleton,” Dransfield added.

He adds Ovaltine, a powder that boosts vitamins and flavor, to his cow milk these days.

Engaging in his lifelong passion, a lengthy career as a volunteer firefighter, was one of the main things that kept him content, intelligent, and healthy.

“The fire department,” he said without hesitation when “Today” asked him what kept him going. I made a ton of friends.”

During his eighty years with his local fire department, Dransfield—who went on to become an auto parts manager—served as fire chief for a spell.

The 110-year-old claimed that answering calls was another way he got exercise from helping with the engine firm. Singac Fire Company’s Instagram page.
With the death of his 54-year-wife in 1992, his fellow firefighters became his extended family.

That’s truly what sustained him after my grandmother died away. He would visit the firehouse every day between three and five, where the elderly men would congregate and socialize. Lista said to the newspaper, “That was like his family.”

In addition to providing him with exercise while answering calls, the 110-year-old claimed that helping with the engine firm benefitted him.

Lastly, the great-grandpa expressed gratitude for his century-long life, attributing it to his love for others and his cheerful outlook.

Dransfield remarked, “I live longer because I know and love people.”

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