Alert! Rare Virus Spreading In Massachusetts Poses Deadly Threat

Alert! Rare Virus Spreading In Massachusetts Poses Deadly Threat

DEBARYLIFE – The Powassan virus has made a surprise appearance this year, so residents of Massachusetts should exercise additional caution. According to the Sharon Health Department, the virus is real.

What Is The Virus Of Powassan? states that the Powassan virus is transmitted by the bite of small, infected black-legged (deer) ticks, which can result in an uncommon but frequently fatal illness. In the US, there are two different kinds of Powassan viruses.

The first type is present in ticks that often feed on woodchucks, or groundhogs; the second type is carried by black-legged ticks, which are also capable of carrying the bacteria that cause anaplasmosis, babesiosis, and Lyme disease.

A Few Massachusetts Cases and Symptoms of the Virus

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Among the grave signs of this illness are brain inflammation and mild flu. In 2023, the counties of Barnstable, Essex, Hampshire, Middlesex, and Norfolk had ten cases of the virus in Massachusetts.

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You have to exercise particular caution because there are currently no immunizations to prevent the sickness and no drugs to treat it.

Is the Powassan Virus a Concern for Residents of Massachusetts?

You should always take precautions against ticks, no matter where you are in Massachusetts. If you plan to be outside for any length of time, you should wear long pants tucked into your socks.

Moreover, ensure sure no one in your group has ticks on them by checking them as well as yourself. Use a DEET-containing repellent. In the unlikely event that you contract the virus, the black-legged tick is most likely the source.

Go here for additional information about the Powassan virus, including symptoms and facts.

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