Amidst Devastation, a Father’s Call for Hope ‘Only a Miracle Can Save Him Now’

Amidst Devastation, A Father’s Call for Hope: ‘Only a Miracle Can Save Him Now’

A Tennessee father is begging for prayers and a “Miracle” after his youngest son was dragged into a storm drain on Wednesday, May 8.

Jimmy Sullivan, Rutherford County’s Director of Schools, said on Facebook on Thursday, May 9, that his 10-year-old son Asher had been “involved in a tragic event” following a storm.

According to Sullivan, Asher “got caught” in a storm drain and “was swept under the neighborhood streets.”

“He eventually came out in a drainage ditch, and CPR was performed for quite some time.” His heart rate was restored, but the damage was significant,” Sullivan said, adding that his son’s “lungs are gravely damaged and he is not exhibiting much brain activity outside of muscle jerks.”

“Pray for healing for his lungs and most importantly brain activity to occur,” he said. “Asher needs a miracle.” WGNS reports that Asher is now in stable but critical condition at Vanderbilt Medical Center. A neighbor told WSMV that Asher was attempting to retrieve his shoe when he was dragged into the drain, and that 50 people, including first responders, were present.

Rutherford County Schools also posted the news on their Facebook page, stating that there has been “an outpouring of love and support from the community” and that Asher’s family needs “tons of prayers” in the wake of the tragedy.

A community prayer vigil will be held at the RCS District Office at 2 p.m. local time, and everyone is “welcome to attend and show support.”

RCS also announced on Facebook that all schools were closed on Thursday due to “several flooding issues tonight, several areas without electricity, and several trees down that will impact buses” in Eagleville and Christiana.

According to NBC News, over 200,000 customers were without power in Tennessee, North and South Carolina, and Georgia as of 8 a.m. ET on Thursday, and at least three individuals died in those states over the course of 24 hours due to extreme weather. Two of those deaths occurred in Tennessee.

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