'Caught Red-Handed' - Two Women From Puna Accused Of Car Theft at 7-Eleven

‘Caught Red-Handed’ – Two Women From Puna Accused Of Car Theft At 7-Eleven

DEBARYLIFE – Charges have been brought against two ladies from Pāhoa for allegedly stealing a Nissan Versa that was first reported stolen on May 7 from the Pāhoa 7-Eleven store parking lot.

On Friday, 21-year-old Kauka Santiago and 24-year-old Kawai Kahe’e made their court debuts in Hilo District Court.

Santiago faces charges related to first-degree theft, first-degree unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, habitual offense, and third-degree promotion following the discovery of methamphetamine. The $55,000 bail amount was kept in place.

'Caught Red-Handed' - Two Women From Puna Accused Of Car Theft at 7-Eleven (1)

Following her discovery of methamphetamine, Kahe‘e was further charged with first-degree theft, first-degree unauthorized control of a propelled vehicle, and third-degree promotion of a hazardous narcotic. Her $45,000 bond amount was upheld.

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The most serious crime, first-degree stealing, is classified as a class B felony and is punishable by up to 18 months in imprisonment or a 10-year prison sentence after serving four years of probation.

Today is the scheduled appearance date for the preliminary hearing for both women.

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