Couple Allegedly Involved in Kendall Day Care Rifle Incident Issue Apology

Couple Allegedly Involved in Kendall Day Care Rifle Incident Issue Apology

West Miami-Dade, Florida –  A pair who were allegedly involved in a social media prank that scared people close to a Kendall daycare center claimed it was all a mistake and that they regretted what they had done.

On Wednesday, after spending the night in prison, 50-year-old Estrella Maria Pereira was photographed by 7News as she left the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center.

Miguel Ruiz posted a bond and left a few hours later. They both talked to reporters. It was a grave error. It’s a grave error, a disregard for judgment, Ruiz declared.

“It was a bad choice, made in the wrong location, and during business hours. Pereira remarked, “I had no idea there was a daycare there.

Ruiz apologized and said that the photo session was unrelated to the daycare.

“I apologize. I was completely unaware that there was a daycare nearby. Ruiz declared, “I would give my life for any kid.”

Surveillance footage on Monday showed Pereira and Miguel Ruiz at a parking lot a short distance from Devon Aire Kiddy College, close to Southwest 112th Street and 123rd Avenue.

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The two were observed removing two rifles from a Corvette, one of which was loaded, according to Miami-Dade Police.

After the two pointed their firearms straight at the daycare, a parent reportedly contacted 911, according to investigators.

Pereira called it a grave error.

“Miguel and I are not horrible people.” She declared, “We would never hurt anyone or anything. “We’re bodybuilders, and we like social media stuff, like Instagram, YouTube channels, and stuff like that. He thought it would be cool to take a picture with a gun because, you know, when you look at a picture like that, it sounds cool.”

Parents and grandparents were alarmed by what Pereira described as a photo shoot and worried about the children’s safety.

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Misael Ruiz, a student’s grandfather, described the situation as “extremely dangerous” for him or her to be a parent or grandfather. “I’ve visited this skating rink since I was a child; back then, we had some kid-friendly equipment here, but not anything like that.”

A woman remarked, “I was shocked because what kind of people, why would they do that?”

The building was placed under lockdown right away.

An employee of Devon Aire Kiddy College stated, “We followed every precaution to stay safe and we did everything in our power to protect the children that are here in the facility.”

Authorities reported finding 50-year-old Pereira snapping photos of the 57-year-old Ruiz while he was holding the loaded firearm in a kneeling firing posture.

They were taken into custody after officers gave them the order to get down.

They were charged with felonies of aggravated assault with a firearm and displaying a firearm close to school property when they appeared in court on Tuesday.

Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Mindy S. Glazer remarked, “It’s something different we don’t always see here.” “I know [Ruiz] might have been doing this for an advertisement or social media, but this is scary.”

Ruiz, who refers to himself as an “anabolic coach,” has no problem sharing his passion for firearms on the internet. He can be seen displaying his collection of firearms and frequently firing at targets in an online video.

The couple said that they would not be sharing the daycare images on social media because of the seriousness of the situation.

Pereira stated, “I can’t take it back, unfortunately, but social media got us in trouble for something ridiculous.” “I know it’s ridiculous and that it’s being blown out of proportion, but I also get how serious it is and how it could frighten someone—I mean, I would be terrified if I saw someone doing the same thing.” It would terrify me.

The woman who contacted the police has been barred from both Devon Aire Kiddy College and Ruiz and Pereira.

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