Denver’s April Forecast Snowy Start With a Sunny Outlook

Denver’s April Forecast: Snowy Start With a Sunny Outlook

Welcome to April’s Denver weather, the fourth snowiest month of the year. To start the month, Coloradans can expect rain and snow showers.

The rains will stop from north to south about midnight along the Front Range and in metro Denver. Pinpoint Weather, Colorado’s Most Accurate Forecast, predicts several inches of snow accumulation in the Colorado mountains.

There may also be modest accumulations of an inch or more west and south of the city, primarily in grassy regions. Given the warm pavement temperatures, most lower-elevation roads will remain wet.

Weather Tonight: Showers Stop and Cold

Most rain and snow showers will end around midnight. The sky will eventually clear, allowing for a cool night. The coldest overnight lows will be in the teens in parts of the Colorado mountains. The majority of the Front Range and metro area will experience lows in the 20s.

The Weather Tomorrow: Sunny and Warmer

Following the rain and snow showers, Colorado’s Front Range will see bright skies on Tuesday. It will be slightly breezy at times, particularly over the mountain summits. Temperatures will rise to near-seasonal levels in eastern Colorado, in the upper 50s to lower 60s.

Looking Ahead: Preparing for Weekend Showers

Temperatures will continue to rise throughout the week, reaching the 70s on Thursday and Friday. The prediction for the Rockies’ home opener at Coors Field on Friday is for the warmest day of the week. However, windy conditions are expected for Friday as well.

The possibility of rain showers resumes by the weekend. These will be distributed throughout the day, with the majority occurring in the afternoon. The risk of rain is slightly higher on Saturday than on Sunday. The region will begin to dry out again starting next week.

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