Discover the 5 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in The Villages, Florida

Nestled in Sumter County, Florida, The Villages stands as a prominent master-planned retirement community, celebrated for its vibrant lifestyle and recreational richness, spanning from lush golf courses to bustling recreation centers. With a resident count nearing 79,000, the safety and well-being of both locals and visitors hold paramount importance in maintaining the community’s idyllic charm.

However, recent evaluations by paint a contrasting picture of serenity and security, assigning The Villages an overall crime grade of ‘F’. This stark rating signifies a higher incidence of criminal activities compared to the national norm, placing The Villages in the precarious 6th percentile for safety—indicating that 94% of American locales boast a safer environment.

The community experiences a crime rate of 67.4 incidents per 1,000 residents, surpassing both the Florida and national averages. While property-related offenses, such as theft, burglary, and vehicle theft, dominate the crime spectrum, the area is not devoid of violent criminal activities, including assault and robbery, albeit at a lower rate than the state and national averages.

Utilizing’s detailed crime mapping, we can pinpoint the neighborhoods within The Villages that present elevated risks to their inhabitants:

Central The Villages: A Hub of Activity and Alert

Located along US-301 and CR-466, the central sector of The Villages is a bustling nucleus of commerce and living spaces. Regrettably, it also bears the brunt of criminal activities, with a 1 in 11 chance of encountering crime, predominantly theft and burglary.

The Villages East: Scenic Beauty with Hidden Risks

Encompassing CR-466A and CR-42, the eastern expanse of The Villages blends residential comfort with natural and recreational amenities. However, a lurking 1 in 12 chance of crime, especially theft and auto theft, underscores the need for vigilance.

The Villages Northwest: An Uneasy Middle Ground

Bordering CR-466 and Buena Vista Blvd., this portion marries residential and commercial landscapes with leisure facilities. A 1 in 14 chance of falling prey to theft or burglary places it in the middle tier of risk within the community.

The Villages Northeast: Tranquility Tinged with Threat

Situated along CR-42 and Morse Blvd., this primarily residential area, adorned with golf courses and parks, faces a 1 in 16 probability of criminal incidents, with theft and auto theft being prevalent concerns.

The Villages Southwest: Relative Calm in a Storm

This less densely populated area, stretching along CR-44A and CR-103, offers a somewhat safer haven with a 1 in 21 chance of encountering crime, though theft and burglary remain common issues.

Beyond the Map: Understanding and Navigating Risk

While’s map offers a snapshot of potential hazards, it’s crucial to recognize that crime rates and the subjective sense of safety are influenced by numerous factors, including law enforcement presence, community engagement, and individual experiences.

Adopting proactive safety measures can significantly mitigate risks. This includes securing homes and vehicles, investing in security systems, avoiding isolated areas at night, concealing valuables, reporting suspicious activities, and participating in community safety initiatives.

The Villages, with its myriad attractions and active lifestyle options, continues to be a coveted destination. By fostering awareness, promoting safety practices, and encouraging community solidarity, residents and visitors alike can contribute to a safer, more secure environment, ensuring that The Villages remains a cherished haven for all.

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