Father Indicted in Death of Toddler J'asiah Mitchell Family Plans Foundation in His Memory

Father Indicted in Death of Toddler J’asiah Mitchell: Family Plans Foundation in His Memory

J’Asiah Mitchell, two years old, was found dead in August 2023. Artavious North, the toddler’s father, reported him missing, and his remains were discovered in a landfill two weeks later. On Friday, his father was indicted on five counts, including murder and concealing the death of another.

“We miss him. It is not the same. “It’ll never be the same,” said J’Asiah’s grandma, Leriesa Mitchell. Mitchell told 11Alive on Wednesday that she wants to launch a foundation in her grandson’s (or “grandshine’s”) name. “Remember him as a sunshine, smiling, happy baby because he was,” said Mitchell. “And I know he’s dancing in the skies.”

Mitchell stated that they still celebrate his birthday on April 23 this year. She plans to incorporate the annual Birthday Bash as part of the foundation she intends to establish to assist families struggling with catastrophes, just as so many families have helped them.

“They did not forget about us.” They did not leave us hanging. Everyone stepped in. Even folks who didn’t know if we were left or right. We didn’t know our names. We didn’t know where we were from. They knew nothing about us. They donated. They came to the house. “They show all the love that anyone could ever want,” Mitchell remarked. “And half of these individuals. I still don’t know their names. But they still expressed love.”

She believes that the celebration would not only provide them with a reason to rejoice but also serve as a collection point for donations to support families in need. Mitchell stated that the Birthday Bash is the ideal way to celebrate J’Asiah.

“He was the life of the party,” she stated with a smile.

Mitchell intends to continue the celebrations every year on April 23 for as long as possible. She also stated that “everyone” is invited.


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