Gone Too Soon! Saratoga Firefighter Anthony Stefanacci, AGE 17, Leaves A Legacy Of Courage

“Gone Too Soon!” Saratoga Firefighter Anthony Stefanacci, “AGE” 17, Leaves A Legacy Of Courage

DEBARYLIFE – Anthony Stefanacci, a citizen of Saratoga Springs and a member of Saratoga County, committed suicide on Friday, May 10, as reported by the Ballston Lake EMS.

Stefanacci, affectionately referred to by coworkers as “AJ,” was one week away from turning eighteen and had recently passed his EMT exam. He was a Criminal Justice Studies student at WSWHE BOCES, and he was about to graduate.

The school expressed its shock at hearing of Stefanacci’s passing in a Facebook post, noting that he was well-known for lending a hand in the classroom and giving it his best in role-plays and volunteer work.

According to the school, Anthony “had a kind soul and never failed to make people laugh, both inside and outside of the classroom.” He devoted his life to both of these trades and liked assisting others. Everyone will really miss Anthony and his presence.

Gone Too Soon! Saratoga Firefighter Anthony Stefanacci, AGE 17, Leaves A Legacy Of Courage (1)

The boy volunteered at the Malta Ridge Fire Department, which recalled him on Facebook as “a dedicated and compassionate young firefighter who never failed to lift the spirits of those around him.”

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“His infectious laugh and beaming smile were infectious.”

Stefanacci is from a family of first responders; both his mother, a nurse at Saratoga Hospital, and father, a lieutenant in the Saratoga Springs Fire Department, have decades of experience as paramedics. The sister of Stefanacci works as a nurse at St. Peters Hospital as well.

As said on Facebook, “This entire family has dedicated their entire lives to helping others.” This is the Saratoga Springs Fire Department. “This is our chance to assist them now.”

The department posted a GoFundMe page set up to cover the moving and funeral costs for the bereaved family, who had recently bought their first house.

Charles Tyree, the boy’s uncle, said, “Thank you for considering helping us as we help them during this unimaginable time of loss and heartache.”

Stefanacci’s funeral is set to take place at Saratoga Abundant Life Church in Ballston Spa on Saturday, May 18, at 11 a.m.

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