Google Invests $1 Billion in Virginia Data Center Expansion: Boosting Local Economy and AI Workforce

Google Invests $1 Billion in Virginia Data Center Expansion: Boosting Local Economy and AI Workforce

On Friday, Google revealed that it is expanding its data facilities in northern Virginia. “Google has called Virginia home for more than 15 years now,” said Ruth Porat, Alphabet and Google’s President and Chief Investment Officer and Chief Financial Officer. Google intends to invest $1 billion in data center growth in Virginia this year, and on Friday, the company unveiled $75 million in AI workforce development efforts to help over one million Americans gain critical AI skills.

Google operates two data centers in Loudoun County.

“And today, I’m really pleased to announce that we are investing [an] additional $1 billion in Virginia to expand those campuses and to add a third data center in Prince William County,” Mr. Porat added. “Today is an excellent day. Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin stated, “We have a $1 billion investment in the Commonwealth.” Youngkin was in Reston to make the news alongside Google officials.

“Virginia is the global hub for data centers unlike any other place in the world,” he stated. “We’re bigger than the next five US markets combined.” “We are bigger than the next four global markets combined.”

On Friday, Youngkin discussed the benefits of data centers to local communities. “$2.2 billion of wages are paid to Virginians associated with our data center ecosystem,” Mr. Youngkin stated. “$1 billion in local revenue funds massive investments in education, public services, and social services. In Loudoun County alone, the data community funds 25% of these important services.”

Data center expansion has been a contentious issue in both Loudoun County and Prince William County. Residents in Loudoun and Prince William counties have recently expressed concerns about data center expansion.

Recently, County Supervisors and County Chairs in Loudoun and Prince William Counties have expressed concerns about data center expansion.

7News inquired whether Google requires clearance from the Board of Supervisors in Loudoun County or Prince William County to grow. We are delighted to expand our data center presence in Loudoun and Prince William, and we are working with the local municipalities to obtain all necessary permits and approvals to support our operations. “Our Loudoun sites are near Arcola and Leesburg, both of which are in the county-designated overlay district,” a Google spokeswoman told 7News.

Following the news, Governor Youngkin was asked about the opposition to data center growth in northern Virginia.

“I think that community engagement around data center development is hugely important,” Mr. Youngkin added. “I believe that local leadership at the board of supervisors or city council levels must be very responsive to their citizens, transparent, and collaborate with the data center community to express their concerns and allow people to respond to them. This should be an extremely open communication.”

“Google’s announcement today of a $1 billion investment in our Virginia data centers brings our total investments across the state to more than $4 billion,” Porat said in a statement. “In addition, our AI Essentials Course and the $75 million AI Opportunity Fund will assist people take advantage of the economic opportunities that AI may give. Google, in collaboration with our partners and community-led groups, is committed to providing targeted AI skilling and training so that Virginians, veterans, and millions of others may capitalize on today’s and tomorrow’s prospects.”

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