Health Hazard Next Door! Paterson Family Plagued by Health Risks From Neighboring Derelict Dwelling

“Health Hazard Next Door!” Paterson Family Plagued by Health Risks From Neighboring Derelict Dwelling

Paterson homeowner Jose De la Cruz says he is suffering the price for blight, which includes damaged and leaking walls, moisture, and mice.

The adjacent abandoned property connected to his home is in disarray, and De la Cruz claims it endangers his family’s health and safety.

“They have to destroy this house and make a new house because it’s the only way,” he went on to say.

De la Cruz lives at 885 Madison Ave. and is concerned about the neighboring home at 887 Madison Avenue. He claims rubbish covers the front and back of the property, and overgrown foliage invites wild animals. He also claims that the homeless spend some time sleeping on the porch.

After many calls to the city inspector’s office, De la Cruz asked his brother-in-law, Javier Garcia, for assistance. According to De la Cruz, the abandoned property is not only causing illness in his family, but it has also attracted rodents.

“One of them dropped through the roof and landed on the kids’ bed. Fortunately, the child was not in the room at that moment. “So they had to get the big raccoon and take it away,” Garcia explained.

Garcia said driving in front of the residence does not look good. “They just purchased this home. They lived and rented here before purchasing the house. They want to make it appear good. However, the home next door has been devalued. “Everyone around here,” Garcia explained.

“When it’s raining heavy, it comes into my house, into my wall and I’ve tried to fix it but I can’t,” she said.

City officials are now stepping in to aid. Paterson Mayor Andre Sayegh announced that community improvements, code enforcement, and the Department of Public Works will evaluate the site this week.

“The preliminary notification that I received stated that it could potentially be condemned. But, as I previously mentioned, it will be cleaned up, boarded up, and we will take the appropriate steps to ensure that the quality of life for any of the inhabitants in that neighborhood is not jeopardized,” Sayegh said.

Sayegh stated that there is a process for seizing property from a homeowner, but if necessary, they will do so.

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