Heartbreaking News! Brooklyn Man, Father of Three, Killed in Shooting (1)

Heartbreaking News! Brooklyn Man, Father of Three, Killed in Shooting

DEBARYLIFE – Three children, ages 16 and under, adored the 45-year-old man who was shot and died in Brooklyn; the victim’s distraught sister described him as someone who “needs his dad.”

Following a gunshot wound to his abdomen, Gamaliel Oliver arrived at Brookdale University Hospital on Wednesday shortly after 2:35 p.m., according to authorities.

Oliver was shot on E. 98th St. near Lenox Road in East Flatbush, presumably an hour before he arrived at the hospital via private transportation. Oliver’s shooting time and location were initially unknown to the police.

Oliver’s Georgian sister was notified of his passing, so she quickly loaded up her family’s car and drove to New York.

“I learned that he was having surgery after receiving a phone call from his daughter, my niece,” stated 38-year-old Toya Oliver. “I received a call informing me that he had passed away shortly after, precisely ten minutes later.”

Alongside his sister, who later relocated south, Oliver was born and reared in Brownsville.

Heartbreaking News! Brooklyn Man, Father of Three, Killed in Shooting

Says Toya Oliver, “It’s a mess.” “Even now, I have no idea what occurred. He was the uncle of several nieces. With a large family, he had

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A girl, age 8, a boy, age 16, and a lady, age 21, were all raised by the deceased dad.

“They recognize that it’s difficult for them to grow up without a father, but at the end of the day,” Toya Oliver remarked. They must go without their father since they will hear other students gossiping about him at school.

Oliver’s father played a significant role in their childhood home by being absent from it, along with his sister.

“Toya Oliver remembered him as an amazing brother.” “You have my word that you will get it if I call and need something, or if the kids do.”

No one has been taken into custody by the police in connection with the killing.

“I wish he experienced the same emotions as my mother or ourselves,” Toya Oliver stated regarding the shooter. Currently 16 years old, my nephew is in a stage of life where he needs his father and must learn to live without him as he ages into a man. That’s why I’m curious. What?

She said, “These kids cannot survive on their own, but I assure everyone that I will be okay.” “They require courage, love, and support.” That’s all I’m capable of doing at the moment.

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As an elegant and devoted uncle to her kids who enjoyed dressing up and exploring new places, the man’s sister portrayed him.

“Toya Oliver said, ‘He was very well loved’. “I had a good brother who was kind and compassionate. He looked after everybody.

Oliver died, but there are still fewer shootings in the 67th Precinct of the New York Police Department, which includes Remsen Village and East Flatbush.

As of April 14, five neighborhood gunshots had prompted police to respond. The most recent NYPD statistics show that the number is 50% lower than it was at this time last year when police had already responded to ten shootings.

With five victims so far this year, the precinct’s homicide rate has remained unchanged. In 2023, the number of murder victims remained constant in the initial months.

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