Hunter Biden's Attempts to Dismiss Tax Charges Rejected by Judge

Hunter Biden’s Attempts to Dismiss Tax Charges Rejected by Judge

Debarylife – Hunter Biden filed eight requests to have the nine federal tax allegations against him in California dismissed, but U.S. District Judge Mark Scarsi denied them all on Monday.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer mostly contended at a hearing held last week that the accusations against him were a product of a politically motivated prosecution. The office of special counsel David Weiss refuted those assertions, stating that politics did not influence the case’s facts.

Additionally, Judge Scarsi seemed dubious of Biden’s claims. In his ruling on Monday, Scarsi claimed that Biden had only offered “conjecture” regarding the prosecutor’s choices in the case rather than “clear evidence” of a discriminatory intent.

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In a statement, Biden’s lawyer, Abbe Lowell, told CBS News, “We strongly disagree with the Court’s decision and will continue to vigorously pursue Mr. Biden’s challenges to the abnormal way the Special Counsel handled this investigation and charged this case.”

To every charge, Biden has entered a not guilty plea.

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President Biden’s son allegedly participated in a “four-year scheme” to evade paying at least $1.4 million in federal taxes, according to federal authorities.

They accused him of failing to file and pay taxes, evading assessment, and filing a false or fraudulent tax return in December, leading to both felonies and misdemeanors.

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Hunter Biden is charged with tax evasion and maintaining an “extravagant lifestyle” by writing off certain personal expenses like escort services, luxury car rentals, and opulent hotel stays as business deductions. Prosecutors claim Biden earned over $7 million in gross income when he broke the law.

He might spend up to 17 years in prison if found guilty.

Hunter Biden’s legal team also contended that the tax charges were a breach of a binding diversion agreement signed the previous year. Prosecutors countered that the proposed arrangement had not yet taken effect and had not been approved by the US Office of Probation. Scarsi concluded that Hunter Biden was not exempt from the allegations.

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