Illinois Election Results: races that have been called and ones that are still too close

The 2024 Illinois primary election has unveiled a landscape marked by both decisive wins and tightly contested races. As the votes were tallied post-Tuesday’s polls closing, the electoral scene unfolded with clarity in some areas, while others remain on the edge of their seats awaiting final outcomes.

Unambiguous Congressional Wins

In the congressional realm, Rep. Danny Davis convincingly secured his spot in the Democratic primary for Illinois’ 7th congressional district. Davis, a long-serving member since 1997, garnered a significant 53% of the vote, translating to 37,416 votes.

His nearest challengers, Melissa Conyears-Ervin and Kina Collins, received 22% and 18% of the votes respectively, amounting to 15,271 and 12,649 votes.

The 4th congressional district witnessed Rep. Chuy García retaining his seat with a commanding 69% of the vote, equating to 28,131 votes, against Chicago Ald. Raymond Lopez who secured 31% or 12,638 votes. García’s victory reaffirms his stronghold in this predominantly Democratic district.

Presidential Primaries: A Clear Verdict

The presidential primaries concluded with expected outcomes as President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump dominated their respective party primaries. Biden, securing the Democratic title, amassed a staggering 91% of the votes, which translates to 680,115 votes. The runner-up, Marianne Williamson, managed a mere 4%, equivalent to 26,613 votes.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump emerged victorious with an overwhelming 81%, totaling 469,586 votes. His closest competitor, Nikki Haley, garnered only 14%, or 83,525 votes. The results were in line with the duo’s status as the presumptive nominees for their respective parties.

Races Hanging in the Balance

The Cook County State’s Attorney race stands as a nail-biter, with Eileen O’Neill Burke slightly leading at 51% or 241,933 votes against Clayton Harris who is trailing at 49% or 232,481 votes. This race remains under the microscope due to its implications for local governance and justice.

In a public policy showdown, Chicago’s real estate transfer tax proposition, known colloquially as the “mansion tax,” has shown a close divide with 54% (166,285 votes) opposing and 46% (143,624 votes) supporting.

The proposed adjustment aims to tackle homelessness by altering tax rates based on property values, underscoring the city’s divided stance on housing and social issues.

Highlight on the 12th District Showdown

The 12th congressional district offered one of the most closely watched Republican primaries with incumbent Rep. Mike Bost narrowly leading with 52% or 48,019 votes against Darren Bailey who captured 48% or 44,815 votes. The race not only reflects internal party dynamics but also signifies the political pulse of Illinois’ electorate.

Election Takeaways and Forward Movement

The 2024 Illinois primary elections offer a rich tapestry of political sentiment, from clear endorsements of established figures to the uncertainty surrounding key local issues. The results from these primaries provide critical insights into the state’s political climate and voter priorities, setting a precedent for the November elections.

As Illinois moves forward, the outcomes from both the resolved and pending contests will be instrumental in shaping the political landscape leading up to the general elections.

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