In July and September, Brunch Electronik will be in Los Angeles

This July and September, Los Angeles is set to host the internationally renowned Brunch Electronik, marking the Barcelona-based event’s inaugural venture into the United States. Scheduled for Saturday, July 6, and Saturday, September 21, these events promise to deliver the vibrant atmosphere and eclectic music that have become synonymous with Brunch Electronik’s global reputation.

Since its inception in Spain in 2013, Brunch Electronik has transformed Sunday afternoons into a harmonious blend of music, culinary delights, and a commitment to sustainability. Initially conceived as a weekly gathering, it has since blossomed into a global phenomenon, reaching cities such as Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Lima, and São Paulo.

This expansion speaks volumes about the event’s universal appeal and the growing community of electronic music enthusiasts worldwide.

The move to bring Brunch Electronik to the U.S. follows the event’s successful festival debut in Spain last year, which saw headline performances from renowned artists like Black Coffee, Fatboy Slim, and Jayda G.

The anticipation for the Los Angeles dates is high, with fans encouraged to secure their spots through a presale available at

In Los Angeles, Brunch Electronik is partnering with local production powerhouse Minimal Effort, known for its innovative electronic music events across unique city locales. This collaboration ensures that the event’s tradition of delivering top-tier electronic acts continues unabated.

Further enhancing the experience, Minimal Effort’s parent company, Underrated Presents, brings its expertise from organizing the popular Clinic Wednesdays at Hollywood’s Station 1640, featuring a mix of established and emerging DJs.

Adding to the collaborative spirit, SBCLTR, co-founders of the Labryinto festival in Costa Rica, will join forces with Brunch Electronik and Minimal Effort to curate an unforgettable experience. This partnership symbolizes a confluence of diverse musical and cultural backgrounds, setting the stage for a truly unique event.

While the exact locations for the Los Angeles editions remain under wraps, updates and announcements will be made via Brunch Electronik’s social media channels in the months leading up to the events.

This anticipation builds a sense of mystery and excitement among potential attendees, promising a pair of gatherings that will undoubtedly highlight the summer and fall cultural calendars in Los Angeles.

Fans of electronic music and cultural enthusiasts alike are poised for an unparalleled experience as Brunch Electronik brings its global party ethos to the heart of Los Angeles.

The event’s arrival underscores the city’s status as a burgeoning hub for electronic music and cultural innovation, making it a must-attend event for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the cutting-edge of music and entertainment.

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