Investigation Underway Police Search for Key Witness in 22-year-old's Mysterious Death 

Investigation Underway: Police Search for Key Witness in 22-year-old’s Mysterious Death 

Thornton Police need the public’s assistance to determine what caused a man’s death earlier this month.

Around 8:15 p.m. on May 4, officers responded to a call about a man hurt on the road near East 88th Avenue and Washington Street.

Rayvon Lewis, 22, was discovered in that location, according to family members. He died later that night from his injuries. “By losing him, I’ve lost a piece of myself. “So it’s kind of tough,” says Rayvon’s brother, Reginal Lewis. “It’s one of those things that it’s hard to swallow, for sure.”

“I feel like he was everything to me,” Rayvon’s girlfriend, Gabrielle Gonzales, explained.

She and Rayvon Lewis have a one-year-old child together.

“He was super goofy,” she remarked. “He was usually happy. He lived in the moment. He consistently underlined the importance of living in the present moment. “Be thankful for today.”

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Thornton Police said in a news release last week that they initially believed Rayvon Lewis had been hit by a car, but then discovered that he may have fallen off the back of a truck. Gonzales and Reginal Lewis don’t know who Rayvon Lewis was with that day.

Police say they are looking for a motorcycle who they believe is the sole witness. That person advised others to dial 911 but departed before first responders came. “I don’t know if it was an accident or some sort of conflict, but that’s something that we’re hoping to figure out,” said Reginald Lewis. “Right now not knowing is something I wouldn’t want anybody to go through.”

The victim’s loved ones are hoping that the motorcyclist or any potential witnesses will come forward. The family searched for surveillance video in the busy area but was unsuccessful.

They hope that someone reads their plea and shares information with law enforcement, which will bring them some peace.

“We just want to know so we can have some closure, because with all these cars all day going, how couldn’t anyone see something that day?” Gonzales spoke. “That day a part of me went missing, and it’s like the only thing I need left is that last piece so I can understand what happened to Rayvon, just for the sake of our son.” Rayvon Lewis’ family described him as a caring individual who always made those around him happy. He liked music, sketching, and spending time with his son.

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While what transpired that day is unknown, the influence he had on others is evident.

“He was going to do some special things with his life,” Reginald Lewis remarked. “It would mean the world for us to figure out what happened to our loved one.” “I was very blessed to spend all that time with him,” Gonzales remarked through tears. “I’m just thankful for all the memories we have.”

Thornton Police request witnesses and anyone else with information about this case to call their tip line at 720-977-5069.

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