Investment Insights! These 2 STOCKS Expected to Surpass APPLE'S Value by 2027

Investment Insights! These 2 STOCKS Expected to Surpass APPLE’S Value by 2027

Warren Buffett, one of the world’s wealthiest individuals, owns a diverse portfolio that includes several of today’s most prominent companies. He has amassed a variety of assets and company ownership across a wide range of industries. The tech behemoth Apple is no exception.

Buffett, who has made a major investment in Apple, has sold a portion of his ownership in the computer business known for its cutting-edge, industry-standard products. While Buffett was formerly a supporter of Apple’s business strategy, he has gradually reduced his significant stake. Apple’s stock appears to be becoming less essential in Buffett’s otherwise strong portfolio.

This is the nature of the stock market, and, understandably, a firm can only stay on top for so long before new companies climb up and replace it on the Dow Jones.

Here’s an analysis of two stocks that are predicted to increase quickly, potentially exceeding Apple.

Occidental Petroleum

Competing with oil and gas behemoths such as Chevron and Shell, Occidental is gradually gaining relevance through high-risk acquisitions. Furthermore, Occidental has paid off some of its previous debt, which had been impeding its progress toward a sensible investment.

“Occidental was the top performer in the S&P 500 in 2022, and the company is in a much better financial position now,” according to the Wall Street Journal. One significant aspect of Occidental’s company to note is its shift toward CCS, often known as carbon capture and storage. CCS is a method that captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in order to minimize emissions.

Clean air has recently been a major priority, and Occidental has devoted funding to position itself as a leader in CCS technology.

Occidental Petroleum’s success in this area could potentially catapult its stock value, as CCS still has enormous scope for growth in scientific innovation – resulting in more revenue for the company.


Nvidia is another firm that has experienced rapid, exponential growth, which is expected to continue in the next five years. “Five years ago, an investor could have purchased Nvidia stock for less than $50 per share,” CNN stated. “But since then, the stock has exploded more than 2,500%.”

One of the key reasons for Nvidia’s ability to outperform Apple is its cutting-edge technology. Nvidia’s AI processors have helped the company lead the AI technology boom. Nvidia’s products are critical for enabling new technologies like generative AI to function.

The chips developed by Nvidia are currently the best in the business, and other companies’ investment in AI will accelerate Nvidia’s growth.

Leading technology companies, like Microsoft and Meta, have indicated that they will invest heavily in the development of AI technology. This will benefit Nvidia because its processors will be critical to the expansion of Meta or Microsoft’s future investments. With our modern world’s changing requirements and the specialist businesses that emerge as a result, other companies will rise to the top, eventually dethroning Apple.

Final Words

As Warren Buffett reduces his interest in Apple, Occidental Petroleum and Nvidia emerge as viable candidates for quick development. Occidental’s focus on CCS, combined with Nvidia’s outstanding AI technology, positions both companies for exponential growth.

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