John-paul Miller's Apology Email Reveals Attempt to Mend Relationship Before Mica's Death

John-paul Miller’s Apology Email Reveals Attempt to Mend Relationship Before Mica’s Death

Mica Miller may have died by suicide, but her family holds her husband and pastor, John-Paul Miller, accountable. In a new interview, Mica’s father blamed John-Paul for her death. Michael Francis feels John-Paul may have pushed his daughter Mica over the brink. “I understand she was pushed to the brink.

My current theory is broad. Her hand is bruised and injured. These things aren’t documented, and they don’t appear for no cause. “We just want more answers,” Francis explained. “Her behavior rapidly deteriorated after their marriage. She appeared to be more sorrowful and under control. I think he compressed her. He took the life out of her and sent her downhill.”

John-Paul allegedly admitted to installing trackers on her car and sharing an embarrassing photo of herself online. “I even hired a PI to install trackers on her car to see if she was going to a gun store,” John-Paul told NewsNation. “I’ve never in my life hurt her in any way. Ever.”

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Meanwhile, he attempted to apologize to Mica via email before her death. “I’m sorry for putting a picture of you on the internet,” reads the apology email. “It lasted less than an hour and was quickly taken down. I was hurt that you were giving everyone dreadful private facts about my previous transgression, and I wanted to hurt you. Please forgive me. It was wrong of me to do it.”

Mica Miller’s family alleges abuse.

Meanwhile, Mica Miller’s sister and attorney, Regina Ward, accused John-Paul of brainwashing their sister. They also provided clarification on Mica’s grooming allegations. “If I had to assume, I would guess that she probably meant [the year] 2010 and not 10 [years old],” Francis stated to NewsNation. “She has been saying this since she was 14 years old. I’ve never heard her say “ten years old.” That’s impossible; we weren’t even in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, the family’s attorney alleges abuse.

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“This man, in my opinion, and based on the documents, my conversations with Mica whenever she was alive, tell me that she was brainwashed by this man,” Ward stated to NewsNation. “He abused her in all imaginable ways. He abused her financially by taking away items like phones and access to money, as well as her car, to get control of her. Every time she tried to leave him, he would harass and hound her until she felt compelled to give up and return.”

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