Luxe Living Unveiling the Top 7 Most Expensive Enclaves in Los Angeles

Luxe Living: Unveiling the Top 7 Most Expensive Enclaves in Los Angeles

Welcome to a glimpse into the height of luxury and extravagance in the City of Angels. Los Angeles, known for its glamor and glamour, has some of the most exclusive and desirable communities in the world. From beautiful mansions buried in the hills to seaside estates with breathtaking views, each enclave provides an unsurpassed opulent lifestyle.

In this guide, we will reveal the top seven most expensive neighborhoods in Los Angeles, where the rich live amid magnificent surroundings and unequaled amenities. Join us as we explore the pinnacles of luxury in these iconic neighborhoods, which showcase the best of Los Angeles life.


Median property price: $8.5 million

Trousdale Estates, located in the heart of Beverly Hills, is known for its stunning collection of mid-century modern mansions. These homes, designed by renowned architects, have not only received praise for their aesthetics but have also become the preferred residence of many well-known figures, including Jane Fonda.

Trousdale, with its beautiful landscape, gated entrances, and dedicated private security, provides a safe and meticulously maintained sanctuary. This elite area exemplifies the combination of historical heritage and modern luxury lifestyle.

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2. Beverly Hills Flats

Median property price: $7.5 million

Beverly Hills Flats, located strategically between the Beverly Hills Gateway and Santa Monica Boulevard, emerges as a top choice in our list of Los Angeles’ most expensive neighborhoods.

This prestigious neighborhood is known for its lush, tree-lined lanes, which have hosted some celebrities, including Phil Collins, Justin Bieber, Demi Moore, and the late Betty White. Beverly Hills Flats, known for its affluence, is primarily made up of opulent family dwellings, huge estates, and grand mansions, making it the epitome of luxury living in Los Angeles.

3. Serrara Retreat

Median property price: $5.5 million.

Serra Retreat in Malibu stands out as the pinnacle of exclusivity, enclosed within a guard-gated enclave of only 100 homes. Serra Retreat, known for its beautiful coastal views and calm surroundings, is widely sought after by those seeking a harmonious blend of luxury and tranquility.

The community has a wide range of property values, with residences starting at $2 million and extending to extravagant estates worth more than $40 million. Unlike more densely populated regions, Serra Retreat provides expansive living with considerable land parcels separating each home, with numerous estates spanning four to five acres, ensuring an unparalleled sense of privacy and space.

4. Carbon Mesa / Carbon Beach

Median property price: $4 million

Carbon Mesa is a hidden neighborhood in Malibu that is well-known for its breathtaking views of Carbon Beach, often known as “Billionaire’s Beach” due to its collection of magnificent beachfront mansions occupied by the ultra-elite. This upscale enclave has been home to renowned figures like Eli Broad and David Geffen, which adds to its appeal. Carbon Mesa, with its blend of privacy, sumptuous residences, and breathtaking views of the Pacific, is one of Los Angeles’ most exclusive and expensive neighborhoods.

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5. North of Montana

Median property price: $3.9 million

North of Montana, a renowned neighborhood in Santa Monica, is quickly becoming known as one of the most desired areas in the area, and it’s simple to understand why. Santa Monica, located on the Westside, embodies the spirit of Los Angeles living. This region is home to classic attractions such as the Santa Monica Beach and Pier, a thriving downtown sector, and the bustling

Third Street Promenade, which is known for its outdoor dining and shopping experiences. With breathtaking views of the Santa Monica Canyon and the wide Pacific Ocean, the North of Montana area is undeniably appealing, providing a unique living experience.

6. La Costa

Median property price: $3.4 million

La Costa, a peaceful area tucked between Carbon Canyon Road and Las Flores Canyon Road on Malibu’s eastern shoreline, provides an intimate escape from the hustle and bustle. La Costa is known for its quiet, sparsely inhabited beaches and breathtaking oceanic panoramas, making it a popular destination for celebrities such as Charlize Theron who seek isolation and visual beauty.

The area is distinguished by its architectural diversity, which encourages homeowners to incorporate their styles into their homes. For those considering purchasing a holiday property, La Costa stands out as a top choice, delivering a combination of exclusivity and stunning views. La Costa is undoubtedly one of the best places to invest in a vacation property.

7. Downtown Los Angeles

Median property price: $1 million

Downtown Los Angeles (DTLA) has witnessed a remarkable metamorphosis in recent years, transitioning from a barren region after business hours to a thriving urban hub. Today, DTLA is renowned for its vibrant, hipster culture, making it a great location for people who thrive in the city’s core. The real estate market in this metropolitan zone is broad, with a wide range of pricing alternatives. Prospective homeowners can discover residences priced from $600,000 to $7 million, catering to a wide range of interests and lifestyles.

Final Words

Finally, Los Angeles is a shining example of luxury living, with top-tier areas that exude refinement and opulence. From the mid-century modern marvels of Trousdale to the seaside grandeur of Carbon Mesa, each enclave provides a distinct blend of exclusivity and luxury. Whether tucked in the hills or overlooking the Pacific, these neighborhoods redefine luxury living in the City of Angels, inviting inhabitants to enjoy the best features of Los Angeles life.

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