Miami Police Intensify Traffic Enforcement with Month-Long Crackdown

Miami Police Intensify Traffic Enforcement with Month-Long Crackdown

Miami – Cyclists who ride their bicycles at night without lights should exercise caution, as should drivers. Targeting neighborhoods renowned for having high rates of traffic infractions, Miami Police is stepping up their crackdown and issuing more citations than usual during this months-long campaign.

The Miami Police Department’s Captain Freddie Cruz stated, “We don’t want to be the bad guys by giving tickets for not having lights on your bike or jaywalking.” That will, nevertheless, save a life. Well, at least we were successful.

On Wednesday, the officers started their enforcement blitz. According to police, an additional award will cover the usage of labor until the end of May. The traffic division of the department will target offenders of several rules, such as running red lights and failing to yield.

According to authorities, there have been three biker deaths and seven pedestrian deaths in the city in the last three months.

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On Biscayne Boulevard in February, a mother pushing a baby in a stroller was struck and murdered by a flatbed truck.

A month later, on Southwest 8th Street in Little Havana, surveillance footage showed a motorist hitting Tomas Brito, 40, and then taking off. Brito passed away afterward.

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Brito’s mother, Dulce Del Pino, stated in March, “If you do something, if you do a crime, please help the victim.”

Glass fragments litter the curbs near Southwest 44th Avenue on Southwest 8th Street, many blocks west. This crossroads is one of several where people frequently break the law either driving or walking. Police reported that drivers involved in collisions frequently claim they were unaware of the law.

This means that since January, officers have been teaching individuals with leaflets. Police now have a single objective in mind when they write more citations.

“I wanna wake up tomorrow morning and know that we didn’t have any fatalities in the City of Miami,” Captain Cruz remarked.

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