MPD Officers' Use of Force Deemed 'Justified' by D.A. in Fatal Shootout

MPD Officers’ Use of Force Deemed ‘Justified’ by D.A. in Fatal Shootout

Memphis, Tennessee  – Based on a shootout that resulted in the deaths of one officer and one suspect, the Shelby County District Attorney will not file criminal charges against the Memphis Police officers involved, the office of Steve Mulroy announced on Friday.

The Justice Investigation Unit performed a quick yet comprehensive investigation, and after reviewing the evidence, DA Mulroy agreed with the team’s conclusion that the officer’s use of force was appropriate.

The fact that they were being threatened with gunfire made it obvious that they were reacting to it. It was decided that their acts were both reasonable and justified in light of these conditions.

An 18-year-old suspect and one officer were killed in a gunfight, and nine Memphis Police officers were placed on paid leave of absence throughout the inquiry, according to a Memphis Police Association source.

MPD Officers' Use of Force Deemed 'Justified' by D.A. in Fatal Shootout (1)

The MPA, a union that represents police officers, claimed that the policemen were relieved of duty on the day of the incident last Friday, as is customary.

Two of those officers were hurt in the incident, according to an MPA official, and they were taken off duty. While there were more officers there, he claimed their involvement was not significant enough to warrant their relief.

The normal removal of officers from their duties was confirmed by a spokesman for the Memphis Police Department.

Joseph McKinney was the officer that MPD identified as the deceased.

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Authorities pay tribute to a Memphis Police officer who was shot and killed.
courtesy of the Memphis Police Department.

Based on reports, the officers will get a debriefing of their observations while they are at home. A psychologist will also be available for them to speak with, particularly in light of the recent information that McKinney might have been shot and killed by an officer.

Perhaps it was from an incident involving friendly fire. The cops involved are carrying a heavy weight with them. Hence, they are dealing with the stress, as President of MPA Matt Cunningham put it.

Jaylen Lobley was the named suspect who was slain. Additionally hurt and in critical condition was 17-year-old Devaron Taylor, another suspect.

About the specific events leading up to the incident, including who fired first, Cunningham was unable to provide specifics. He did acknowledge that the two teenagers were carrying firearms, though.

That night, bullets were fired, and I can confirm that they were armed, but who fired first? He said, “I’m not sure.”

Second-degree murder and reckless homicide have been added to Taylor’s charges, according to a statement made by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation also on Friday.

The teen who was shot by an officer may be charged with murder or homicide.
Though they think Taylor’s conduct precipitated the shooting, the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office stated on Friday that they continue to receive information indicating McKinney was killed by friendly fire.

As for the D.A.’s remark, MPA President Matt Cunningham concurred.

Still, the suspects’ activities were the cause of what transpired that evening on the scene. Police were forced to intervene when they decided to turn aggressive toward them, according to Cunningham.

After the shooting event, another cop was taken to the hospital; however, their condition was reported to be non-critical. Gunfire slightly injured a third cop, who received medical attention on the spot.

Thirteen counts each of Assault Against First Responder, Aggravated Assault, and Criminal Attempt First Degree Murder are brought against Taylor.

Plans to charge Taylor as an adult were revealed by district attorney Steve Mulroy on Wednesday.

Due to his possession of a key reprogrammer and smashed car windows, Lobley was charged with two counts of auto theft, unauthorized possession of a weapon, and possession of a machine gun, which is forbidden. He was also detained on March 5. He was freed from custody, though, without posting a bond.

According to juvenile court documents, Taylor was accused of three charges of aggravated robbery back in 2022.

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