Mystery Solved! Missing Georgia WOMAN Found DEAD and SKELETAL REMAINS Identified, Found 100 Miles Away

Mystery Solved! Missing Georgia WOMAN Found DEAD and SKELETAL REMAINS Identified, Found 100 Miles Away

A Georgia lady who vanished without a trace in August has been proven dead after her skeletal bones were discovered 100 miles away in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

This Monday, the Cobb County Sheriff’s Office announced that the Hamilton County Medical Examiner’s Office positively identified the remains of Maury-Ange Faith Martinez, 20, of Alpharetta. Martinez was reported missing in Gwinnett County, northeast of Atlanta, on August 28, according to authorities.

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Her bones were discovered on the side of a road in a rural area near the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga on January 5, according to the Chattanooga Times Free Press.

However, it took weeks to determine whether the remains belonged to Martinez. She would have turned 21 on Monday.

“She was a charismatic, magnetic, sparkling, fun, loving person,” Martinez’s distraught mother, Anita Darling, told Local 3 News.
Darling stated that she was less than ten minutes away from picking up her daughter near Atlanta’s courts on the day she went missing.

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“I was on the way to pick her up, and she called me and told me she had caught a ride,” she told the news organization. Her daughter eventually stopped responding to her texts.

Darling stated Martinez had no idea who she had gotten into the car with.

“I spoke with her about it, and it still looked strange. I got off the phone with her and felt nervous,” she explained.

She claimed she received a phone call last month from authorities who indicated they thought the remains belonged to her daughter. “You are totally torn apart,” Darling said. “Then there’s the grief of discovering you’ve lost your child. My kids are my everything. It was dreadful. “It was enormous.”

Martinez’s cause of death is unknown, and police are still investigating.

Authorities reported that there were no symptoms of trauma or severe injury prior to death. Police said her last known location was in an outlying area of Cobb County, and they urged anyone with information to come forward.

Darling stated that the family intends to donate Martinez’s remains for medical research.

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