Ohio Goodwill's Policy 11 Items You Can't Donate to Their Stores

Ohio Goodwill’s Policy: 11 Items You Can’t Donate to Their Stores

Debarylife – Goodwill stores are an important part of many Ohioan communities because they provide consumers with reasonably priced goods and provide cash for key initiatives that assist those in need.

Nevertheless, not everything is appropriate for donation, and Ohio Goodwill locations have strict policies about what they are allowed to and are not allowed to receive.

By following these rules, you can make sure that donations benefit the organization as well as the community it serves and that the donation process runs smoothly.

11 Items Of Ohio Goodwill Policy

Ohio Goodwill locations will not accept the following 11 goods as donations:

1. Mattresses and Box Springs:

Ohio Goodwill stores do not accept donations of mattresses or box springs due to hygienic concerns and the possibility of bed bug infestations.

2. Car seats and cribs:

Goodwill businesses find it difficult to accept cribs and car seats due to safety laws and manufacturer recalls.

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To protect the health and safety of newborns and young children, these products must adhere to strict safety regulations.

3. Large Appliances:

Because of their size, weight, and possible handling and shipping risks, appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines are not accepted by Ohio Goodwill stores.

4. Chemicals and Hazardous Materials:

Because of environmental rules and safety considerations, gifts of paint, insecticides, and cleaning supplies are not accepted.

5. Tires:

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Because of the difficulties in disposing of and recycling tires, Goodwill stores in Ohio do not accept them.

6. Weapons and ammo:

Goodwill stores do not take any type of weaponry, firearms, ammo, or explosive items due to safety concerns.

7. Large Exercise Equipment:

Owing to their size and weight, items like weightlifting equipment, elliptical machines, and treadmills are not approved.

8. Combustible Materials:

Ohio Goodwill stores do not accept items that are combustible or present a fire hazard, such as propane tanks, fireworks, and gasoline.

9. Hazardous Garbage:

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Donations of items like motor oil, batteries, and fluorescent lightbulbs are not accepted because they are classed as hazardous garbage.

10. Live Animals:

Donations of live animals or pets are not accepted at Goodwill locations.

11. Pornographic items:

Ohio Goodwill stores do not accept any form of adult content or pornographic items.

To make sure that their gifts meet the requirements and policies of the organization, donors must read these criteria before putting items in Goodwill stores. Donors can ensure that their contributions benefit the community and expedite the donation process by following these rules.


Even though it may be upsetting to hear that some things aren’t accepted as donations, knowing the rationale behind these policies can help donors make wise choices and support Goodwill’s mission to help people in need by offering job training, employment placement services, and other community-based programs.

Donors can also look into different ways to recycle or get rid of things that Goodwill stores won’t take, making sure that these things are disposed of properly and safely.

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