Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak Four Lives Lost, Dozens Injured in Overnight Storms

Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak: Four Lives Lost, Dozens Injured in Overnight Storms

According to reports, a tornado that ripped over Oklahoma overnight and into Sunday caused at least four individuals to lose their lives and dozens more to sustain injuries.

Holdenville authorities reported two fatalities, while Sulphur and Marietta authorities each reported one fatality. Holdenville officials reported two deaths. Hospitals located throughout the state have reported that there have been approximately one hundred injuries as well.

Thousands of people were left without power as a result of the storms, and Governor Kevin Stitt (R-OK) declared a state of emergency for twelve counties. During a press conference held on Sunday, the governor made a veiled reference to the fact that Sulphur had been affected the worst.

Stitt stated that it appears as though every business located in the downtown area of Sulphur has been damaged at this point. When I was governor, I witnessed a lot of devastation, but this is without a doubt the most damage I’ve seen. I’ve witnessed a great deal of hurt.

Although I have been throughout the state for the past six years, the things that I witnessed in the downtown area of Sulphur are simply astounding. “We’ll build back stronger than ever before— that’s my promise to Sulphur, Holdenville, and every Oklahoma community facing loss today,” Stitt stated in an article on X. “The Oklahoma Standard is alive and well.” Over the past few hours, this tornado has proceeded south to Louisiana. Although it is expected to continue to be active through Monday, the National Weather Service believes that it will only result in a minimal risk.

Those who were in need were provided with two hundred lunches by Oklahoma Southern Baptist Disaster Relief, which was part of a large feeding effort that was held in the city. Additionally, the town, which is situated in Murray County, is among the most severely affected by power outages.

According to officials from the White House, President Joe Biden met with Governor Stitt and pledged to provide Oklahoma with federal assistance.

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