Outspoken Election Denier's Hypocrisy Exposed Georgia Republican Official Caught Voting Illegally on Nine Occasions

Outspoken Election Denier’s Hypocrisy Exposed: Georgia Republican Official Caught Voting Illegally on Nine Occasions

Debarylife – Republican Party official Brian Pritchard of Georgia was found guilty by a judge of participating in nine unauthorized elections over some time. Pritchard has made up the untrue claim that Democrats used fraud to steal the 2020 election.

Georgia GOP’s first vice chairman Pritchard broke state election laws by voting while on probation for forgery and other misdemeanors, according to Administrative Law Judge Lisa Boggs’ ruling on Wednesday. She further found that Pritchard’s justifications were not “credible nor convincing.”

Pritchard is required to reimburse the court for $375.14 in investigative expenses in addition to a $5,000 fine. In addition, Boggs directed the State Election Board, which requested the penalties against Pritchard, to “be publicly reprimanded for his conduct.”

Because Pritchard “voted ILLEGALLY nine times while serving out his probation for FELONY check forgery,” Georgia Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene demanded on Thursday that he “resign immediately or be removed” from his Georgia GOP post.

Outspoken Election Denier's Hypocrisy Exposed Georgia Republican Official Caught Voting Illegally on Nine Occasions (1)

On X, the former Twitter, Greene declared, “The Republican Party is the party of election integrity, and our state party should be the leading voice on securing our elections.”

Claims of a Stolen Election and Falsified Checks

The host of a conservative talk show, Pritchard, has stated on his FetchYourNews.com program that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. This assertion is similar to that of the former president, Donald Trump, who lost both nationally and in the Peach State to the Democrat Joe Biden. Four co-defendants have entered a guilty plea; the remaining 14 co-defendants are charged with unlawfully plotting to reverse the Georgian results.

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There has never been any proof of widespread fraud in 2020, according to investigations. However, Boggs concluded in her 25-page decision that Pritchard was personally involved in voter fraud.

Boggs referenced official court records from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, indicating that Pritchard entered a guilty plea in 1996 to a felony charge of fraud and theft involving $38,000 in counterfeit checks connected to a building project. The records also indicated that Pritchard was ordered to pay the same amount in restitution. In Georgia, felons are not eligible to vote again until they have fulfilled their probation or parole.

Outspoken Election Denier's Hypocrisy Exposed Georgia Republican Official Caught Voting Illegally on Nine Occasions (2)

Two high-ranking state attorney general’s office officials said in court that although Pritchard’s probation had been extended until 2011, he had registered to vote in 2008 and cast ballots in nine races between that year and 2010.

Pritchard stated during an evidence hearing in February that he didn’t intentionally commit fraud and that he thought his voting privileges had expired more than 20 years prior as a felon. A copy of Boggs’ ruling was sent to him, and he added that he thought his criminal sentence had been changed to a civil judgment.

Before this, Pritchard’s counsel said that during his registration and voting process in Georgia, he was not aware that he was deemed a criminal. As a result, the State Election Board forwarded his case to the Georgia Attorney General’s office for further investigation.

It was His Duty To Know

Considering that “this Court would need to disregard (Pritchard’s) self-described experience as a businessman handling complex projects as well as million-dollar contracts and budgets” to accept that the Respondent’s grasp of legal proceedings was so unsophisticated that he did not understand the basic terms of his probation in 1996, the judge found Pritchard’s explanations to be untrustworthy.

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“The explanations are not deemed credible or convincing by the Court based on the aforementioned information and after a thorough review of the evidence in its entirety,” concluded Boggs. “The evidence before this Court indicates that he should have known, even if the Court accepts he was unaware of his felony sentences.”

Outspoken Election Denier's Hypocrisy Exposed Georgia Republican Official Caught Voting Illegally on Nine Occasions (3)

Among Pritchard’s fines are $500 for each of his nine instances of voting without authorization and an additional $500 for his 2008 fraudulent voter registration. He can challenge the ruling.

It was not possible to get in touch with George Weaver Jr., Pritchard’s attorney, or with him right away. “I did nothing wrong in this situation.”

When Pritchard was eligible to compete in a special election for the state House seat held by Speaker David Ralston, who had passed away the month before, in December 2022, he was adamant about his voting history.

At the time, Pritchard reportedly told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “I’ve done nothing wrong here,” claiming that his imprisonment had already finished and his rights had been reinstated. “Well, if you’re trying to capture the first public enemy, then here I am.”

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According to the Atlanta newspaper, Pritchard stated on his program that the 2020 presidential election was “stolen.” Additionally, it stated that he had denounced Republican governor Brian Kemp and Republican attorney general Chris Carr for their alleged “complicity” in Biden’s Georgia win.

On his show, Pritchard stated, “I don’t think 81 million people voted for this guy.”

Former Georgia Republican Party vice chairman Jason Shepherd told USA TODAY that in light of Pritchard’s persistent allegations of election fraud, the judge’s ruling is illogical.

Pritchard, according to the politician, “has rapidly risen in the ranks of the Georgia Republican Party and has built a media empire of literally tens of dozens of followers by spouting conspiracy theories about stolen elections and rampant voter fraud from thousands of illegal voters, despite being investigated himself for illegally voting.”

Writer of the Peach Pundit political column Shephard stated that allegations of voter fraud against Pritchard “have been well known long before he became the second highest officer in the Georgia Republican Party.”

“He should have never been elected and he now needs to go…and sooner rather than later,” stated Shephard. “If (Georgia GOP) Chairman Josh McKoon doesn’t have a resignation by the end of the day, I don’t see how anyone can take the Georgia Republican Party seriously.”

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