Police Investigate Robbery at Southeast DC SUBWAY Caught on Camera

Police Investigate Robbery at Southeast DC “SUBWAY” Caught on Camera

Debraylife – A Subway worker is coming out following a recent heist in Southeast Washington, D.C., according to a Fox 5 exclusive.

The Subway employee claims that he was terrified when the suspect entered the business in the 2800 block of Alabama Avenue SE and demanded money. The crime was caught on surveillance footage.

The worker didn’t resist in any way. According to the authorities, he instructed the robber to remove the tip jar, but the suspect demanded more. It occurred at approximately 6:15 a.m. on March 15.

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On camera that day, the suspect is shown with torn trousers, a mask, and a unique hooded sweatshirt with black, pink, and orange stripes down the arms and a big pink X on the back.

The suspect is seen jumping over a glass wall, peering behind the counter, seizing the cash register, and then climbing back over the wall when the Subway employee hands him the tip jar and leaves the restaurant.

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However, this time he hits the wall after becoming hooked to some wires. After releasing himself, he is seen walking out of the register with an undisclosed sum of money.

“We find it frightening. The Subway worker confidentially confided in FOX 5’s Shomari Stone, “We feel unsafe at work.” “He could have had a weapon with him”

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Two workers at Denny’s restaurant in the Northeast are traumatized by a horrific heist.

“We want justice, because why should this be happening?” The employee went on. “This is not fair. This shouldn’t be occurring in our lovely nation. Here, we are at work. We work for a company.”

The Tuesday crew informed FOX 5 that their only goals are to be able to report to work, assemble 6 and 12-inch pizzas, and serve them.

However, they express their extreme fatigue with the local crime rate and their need for safety.

Police in Washington, D.C., are requesting that anyone with information regarding the heist call them.

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