Police Report: Bomb Threat At Wallkill Hospital, No Explosive Devices Found

On the serene morning of Wednesday, March 20, the tranquility of Garnet Health Medical Center, situated in the heart of Wallkill, Orange County, was disrupted by a distressing bomb threat. This alarming situation triggered an immediate and well-orchestrated response from local law enforcement and the hospital’s security team.

The chain of events was set into motion when Deputy Chief Antonino Spano of the Wallkill Police Department received an urgent notification from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

They relayed a chilling message: a bomb threat against the hospital had been issued from an individual at the Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center in Goshen. This grave warning prompted immediate action, underlining the paramount importance of safety within the healthcare facility.

In a display of solidarity and swift action, an extensive search was initiated involving multiple law enforcement agencies. This included the collaborative efforts of the Town of Wallkill Police, the dedicated security team of Garnet Health Medical Center, officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, and specialized canine units from both the Town of Chester and the Village of Goshen.

Their joint mission was clear: to scour the hospital’s premises, including all buildings and surrounding areas, to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and visitors.

The thoroughness of the search operation stands as a testament to the community’s commitment to safety and preparedness in the face of potential threats. Despite the tense atmosphere, the outcome was a relief to all involved: no explosives were found, and there were no individuals discovered on the premises linked to the threat.

Deputy Chief Spano was able to provide reassurance in the aftermath, confirming that the hospital operations continued uninterrupted, and, most importantly, there were no injuries resulting from the incident.

The bomb threat at Garnet Health Medical Center, while thankfully unfounded, underscored the critical importance of rapid response and coordination between healthcare facilities and law enforcement. It is a reminder of the ever-present need for vigilance in today’s world, especially in spaces dedicated to healing and care.

As the investigation into the origins and motives behind the bomb threat continues, the community remains alert but undeterred. The effective management of this incident not only prevented potential harm but also reinforced the resilience and readiness of Orange County’s emergency response systems.

The residents of Wallkill and the wider community can find comfort in knowing that their safety is a top priority, evidenced by the professional and decisive actions taken during this unsettling event.

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