Progressive Activists Celebrate as Democrats Cast Protest Votes Against Biden

Progressive Activists Celebrate as Democrats Cast Protest Votes Against Biden

Debarylife – The perception that President Biden’s campaign is struggling to bring a divided party base together is reinforced by the large number of “protest votes” that the campaign earned on Tuesday night in the primary.

8.4% of voters in the Wisconsin Democratic primary—or about 48,000 votes—opted to vote “uninstructed” instead of for President Biden. In addition, Democratic Representative Dean Phillips, who is no longer running, received 17,553 votes, or 3.1% of the total.

In Connecticut, just under 8,000 votes, or 11.5% of the total, were cast in the “uncommitted” category. Just under 4,000 votes, or 14.9% of the total, came from “uncommitted” voters in Rhode Island.

The undecided results were the result of activists in multiple states pressuring voters not to support Biden in protest of several issues, including the way the White House has handled the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

Following the voting results on Wednesday, a few of those activists from Wisconsin celebrated their success.

The progressive activist group Our Revolution released a press release stating, “Nearly 48,000 voters cast an unrestricted ballot in Wisconsin alone in the Democratic presidential primary, far surpassing campaign goals and significantly exceeding President Biden’s margin of victory over Trump in the 2020 general election.”

“Similarly, in Rhode Island and Connecticut, 15% and 12% of Democratic primary voters marked their ballots as ‘uncommitted,’ further amplifying the call for a bold redirection in the policy.”

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By little over 20,000 votes, Biden defeated former President Donald Trump in Wisconsin in 2020.

Throughout this primary season, it has grown common for voters to choose to abstain from voting for Biden. On Super Tuesday, for example, tens of thousands of voters in around six states chose not to support him.

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Progressive activist Nina Turner commented on X, saying, “This president must decide if loyalty to Netanyahu is worth delivering Trump the election in November.” Turner had shared the results of Tuesday’s poll. “He must decide.”

When Fox News Digital requested comment, the Biden campaign did not answer right away.

There was also a discernible percentage of Republicans who chose not to support Trump.

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Former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley received 12.8% of the vote in Wisconsin. Despite her withdrawal from the campaign, slightly more than 76,000 voters cast ballots in her favor. Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, won 3.4% of the vote, while “uninstructed” received 2.1%.

“What they’re reading in Wisconsin,” Ammar Moussa, the director of the Biden campaign’s rapid response, wrote on X following Trump’s speech. “With 120,000 Wisconsin GOP votes against him, Donald Trump is the biggest loser on Tuesday.

Over 6,000 people from Connecticut, or roughly 14% of the total, supported Haley in that GOP primary.

Haley garnered 10% of the vote in Rhode Island or roughly 1,300 votes.

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