Rapper Facing Charges for Allegedly Fatally Shooting 9-Year-Old Girl May Receive Plea Deal

Rapper Facing Charges for Allegedly Fatally Shooting 9-Year-Old Girl May Receive Plea Deal

Dallas, Texas – Tyrese Simmons, who is alleged to have killed a 9-year-old child in a Dallas apartment by firing into it during a dispute with another rapper, may be offered a plea bargain.

This week saw the start of Simmons’ criminal trial. After a mistrial, prosecutors are reportedly negotiating a plea agreement, according to sources who spoke with CBS News Texas. Simmons could be sentenced to life in prison if found guilty.

According to court records, he has a plea hearing scheduled for Monday in a Dallas County courthouse.

Vanessa Andrews remarked, “It enrages me greatly, very much.” “And I believe he shouldn’t be allowed to leave!”

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Andrews is not sorry, just angry. She resides in Roseland Townhomes, the same complex where Brandoniya Bennett was shot and killed in 2019—bullets that, according to police investigators, were meant for someone else. That was a time when even seasoned cops were disturbed.

Rapper Facing Charges for Allegedly Fatally Shooting 9-Year-Old Girl May Receive Plea Deal (1)

It was her ninth birthday. “She would have begun her schooling today,” a Dallas police official stated in an emotional department briefing over the tragedy. She had her nails done the day before.

Now that the alleged shooter might be able to work out a bargain, Andrews is furious.

“What?” Is he going to be allowed to do another one?” Saying nothing in particular, Andrews became enraged.

Many people in the neighborhood have had bad memories resurfaced due to news of a potential plea.

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In August 2019, Dallas’s homicide rate was on the verge of reaching an all-time level not seen in ten years. Still, Brandoniya’s murder touched a raw spot.

“We cannot, I cannot allow her death to have been in vain,” Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson declared during his speech at her funeral.

Simmons was eventually identified by police as the suspect.

Detectives claim that Simmons and another aspiring rapper were at odds over lyrics. and, instead of shooting the rapper, he was aiming for, unintentionally fired into Brandoniya’s apartment.

After giving himself to the authorities, he was released on bond in December 2019. Subsequently, authorities claim that he disconnected his ankle monitor and vanished a few days before the start of his trial in June of last year. A police standoff resulted in his subsequent arrest in Tulsa, Oklahoma. To face trial, he was brought back to Dallas.

Davonte Benton, the second suspect in Brandoniya’s murder, is incarcerated for 45 years. However, Simmons pulled the trigger, according to Dallas police’s long-standing claim. prosecutors seem to be thinking about accepting a plea right now.

Andrews stated, “If they cared, they would keep him in there and put him somewhere. They just don’t care.” He must have assistance!

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