Reopening Soon Wilson Aquatic Center In DC On The Brink, You Could Watch 'HERE'

Reopening Soon? Wilson Aquatic Center In DC On The Brink, You Could Watch ‘HERE’

(Washington) — Following severe problems that prompted the city to close it in August 2023, one of D.C.’s largest indoor aquatics facilities may soon return.

There was a long list of problems at the Wilson Aquatic Center in Tenleytown, Northwest. Issues with the HVAC system were the most common among them.

In one of his weekly newsletters, Ward 3 council member Matt Frumin provided an update on the work that was being done in February.

The Department of General Services (DGS) and the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) provided information in the update, indicating that the installation of new rooftop units, fans, and ductwork would be part of the $2.5 million project’s scope.

To “allow for more efficient and timely maintenance and inspections,” DGS announced that it was also redesigning the HVAC system.

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DGS and DPR promised to provide a reopening date as soon as the project was almost finished.

The date had previously been moved from the end of 2023 to any time in the winter, and it was expected to fall into the spring in February.

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Frumin released images from inside the aquatic center, which he toured with the director of the Department of General Services. DGS was “in the home stretch,” according to Frumin.

Reopening Soon Wilson Aquatic Center In DC On The Brink, You Could Watch 'HERE' (1)

Along with “a final deep clean, followed by the necessary inspections,” workers were supposed to start filling the pool at the center.

According to Frumin, the director was “confident” that the city would reach its spring 2024 target even though the pool would not be operational by Memorial Day.

Frumin anticipated hearing about the opening day announcement at the conclusion of the Memorial Day week.

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