San Francisco Police Bust Illegal Gambling Den; Weapons and Drugs Seized, What’s Next

San Francisco Police Bust Illegal Gambling Den; Weapons and Drugs Seized, What’s Next?

On Friday, the San Francisco Police Department reported that officers detained a woman and recovered weapons, drugs, and gambling machines from an illegal gambling den.

The San Francisco Police Department reported that on Friday, officers made an arrest of a woman and recovered firearms, drugs, and gaming machines from a place that was operating illegally as a gambling establishment.

At approximately five o’clock in the afternoon, a search warrant was executed on the 700 block of Ellis Street, which is the location of the illicit gambling den. SFPD Tactical Company Officers were the ones who served the search warrant at the premises, according to the police. Following the cops’ entry inside the gambling den, multiple individuals were taken into custody, according to the police.

After that, the officers determined that the primary suspect behind the operation was a woman named Trang Thuy Thanh Tran, who was 45 years old and from Oakland.

Additionally, officers were able to discover and seize evidence, which included “over a dozen illegal gambling machines, a loaded firearm, over three thousand dollars in United States currency, suspected narcotics (cocaine, MDMA), equipment used for the sale of narcotics, and drug paraphernalia.”

According to the police, Tran was arrested and put into the San Francisco County Jail on felony counts of keeping a place to sell illegal narcotics, conspiracy to commit a crime, possession of unlawful gambling machines, authorizing the use of the machines, and operating an illegal gambling facility to make a profit.

The San Francisco Police Department would like to express its gratitude to the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office and the Army National Guard Counterdrug Taskforce for their support in this operation. Both of these organizations played an important role. “The San Francisco Police Department has stated that they will continue to prioritize efforts to address the drug crisis in our city by removing wanted suspects from our streets and holding individuals who sell illegal narcotics accountable for their actions.”

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