Scholarship Surge! Cherokee Nation Foundation Grants $409K in Awards

Scholarship Surge! Cherokee Nation Foundation Grants $409K in Awards

Cherokee students pursuing higher education have a bright future, as the Cherokee Nation Foundation offers more than $409,000 in scholarships for the academic year 2024-2025.

This year alone, new legislation written by Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. and Deputy Chief Bryan Warner increased merit scholarships by approximately $100,000. The Comprehensive Cherokee Nation Education Act of 2024 aimed to identify and celebrate Cherokee students who demonstrate leadership and tribal service.

“Investing in these young adults is investing in the future of the Cherokee Nation,” stated Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. “Through these new merit scholarships, we are recognising our nation’s future leaders while reducing the financial burden associated with higher education. We are confident that as we continue to engage in our students, they will return to our communities with the valuable skills they have acquired.”

CNF provides three types of scholarships: private, tribal, and institutionally based. The competitive scholarships are separate from the cash offered by the tribe’s college resource centre. All applicants are reviewed based on academic performance, community and cultural activity, and future intentions to assist the Cherokee people.

“The impact these scholarship dollars will have is truly immeasurable,” said Janice Randall, CNF’s executive director. “We remain confident that these students will succeed academically, pursue meaningful occupations, and find a way to serve or give back to the tribe. That is why we do what we do every day, and this has always been our favourite part.”

Although the new merit scholarships are named after various Cherokee Nation elected posts, no elected persons participated in the selection process.

The Cherokee Nation Behavioural Health Scholarship recipients, administered by CNF, will be announced soon, along with the Cherokee Nation Public Health Scholarships.

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