Shocking! Florida Man Accused of Killing Wife and Child in Disturbing Manner

Shocking! Florida Man Accused of Killing Wife and Child in Disturbing Manner

Debarylife – In a “traumatic” stabbing incident, the 40-year-old father in Florida is charged with killing his 2-year-old son and his 38-year-old wife before attempting suicide.

After being arrested on Saturday, Jean Carlos Aponte was charged with two charges of first-degree premeditated murder in connection with the deaths of Sara Ashley Gama and little Ethan Aponte, according to documents obtained by Law&Crime.

A call for a welfare check on Aponte’s family home in the 1000 block of NW 97th Avenue was received by Plantation Police Department officers at around noon on Tuesday, March 26, according to a report from Miami CBS affiliate WFOR. About 35 miles north of Miami is where the house is.

It is said that Ethan’s grandparents requested the welfare check.

First responders indicated that when they got to the scene, they discovered Ethan and Gama inside the house. On the spot, both were pronounced dead. Within the house was also an adult guy, subsequently identified as Aponte. Despite being unconscious, he was still alive.

Shocking! Florida Man Accused of Killing Wife and Child in Disturbing Manner (1)

After being called to the scene, emergency care workers took Aponte to a nearby hospital in what was thought to be a self-inflicted drug overdose. Up until his discharge and booking into the Broward County Jail on Saturday, Aponte stayed at the hospital.

The infant child of the couple was also discovered unharmed in the house. It is said that the grandparents gained custody of the youngster.

WFOR said that although authorities have not released many specifics about the killings, they have stated that the mother and boy both passed away from “traumatic means.”

When a request for additional information was made, the Plantation Police Department did not reply right away.

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When Aponte first appeared in court on Sunday, the judge mandated that he get screened for mental health issues, according to Miami NBC station WTVJ.

The station also stated that previous to the fatal killings, Aponte, a veteran of the United States military, had been in touch with the nonprofit Catch a Lift Fund, which offers mental health support to former service personnel.

Chris Haley, a Purple Heart recipient and Army veteran, told WTVJ that he had only lately admitted Aponte to the program.

With a wife and a child on the way, he felt a great urge to put things right. He wanted to do the right thing and set a good example for his family, and it was one of the things I remember very well,” Haley allegedly remarked.

He was having trouble. It’s difficult, and I believe he wanted to get better, but I couldn’t tell if it was serious. He knew that sometimes you had to take care of yourself, and I don’t think he intended to be miserable.

According to neighbors, the couple didn’t appear to be under any stress.

This is startling. Miami Fox affiliate WSVN was informed by local John Goodish, “This is total shock.” “A round peg inserted into a square hole is completely incompatible. Pleasant couple

At the moment, Aponte is being detained without bond.

While Aponte’s arrest and transfer to jail were verified in an affidavit from Plantation police that Law&Crime examined, no information regarding the specifics of the alleged offense was provided.

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