Six-week-old BOY KILLED in Crib BY FAMILY DOG, Mother Speaks Out

Six-week-old BOY KILLED in Crib BY FAMILY DOG, Mother Speaks Out

Police said a young boy was killed after his family said their dog attacked him while he was in his crib.

Chloe Mansoor, Ezra’s mother, said he was about 6 weeks old. She said that the family dog had never been mean and that other kids had stayed over before without any problems. The attack took place on May 24, and Ezra was declared dead on Thursday, she said.

“You believe that it will never happen to you.” “But it can happen to anyone, with any breed of dog, and no matter how long they’ve had them,” Chloe said. “Ezra meant everything.” “There are no words, other than just everything.”

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While Ezra was still in the crib, Chloe said the dog bit him for no reason. She told parents in East Tennessee that she wanted to make them more aware and tell them to keep their kids safe. She also said that the boy’s parts would be given to people in need.

“I didn’t realize until this happened, just how supported we are and just how many people he had that loved him already,” Chloe said. No noise or crying could be heard from Ezra’s crib. He was just asleep. That attack came out of nowhere.”

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office said it couldn’t give out any information because of an ongoing case involving a child.

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“All the sleepless nights and the dirty diapers — looking back, I would take a million sleepless nights and dirty diapers and all the fussiness, you would take it all back in a second and never take any moment or second for granted,” Chloe said.

The Young-Williams Animal Center also said a few words about the dog and confirmed that it was being held. You can read the center’s full message below.

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