States that people who leave New Jersey most often go to

New Jersey, often celebrated for its picturesque beaches, bountiful farms, and historic towns, is experiencing a notable shift. Despite the charm of locations like Cape May and the agricultural pride in blueberries and cranberries, the state has seen a rising trend of residents moving elsewhere.

This phenomenon has positioned New Jersey prominently in discussions about domestic migration patterns.

According to the United Van Lines National Movers Survey, the exodus from New Jersey has been significant, with the state ranking first in 2023 for the number of residents moving out. This departure marked a peak in a continuing trend, with New Jersey previously ranking eighth in 2022. But what drives this migration? Surveys reveal diverse motives:

  • 27% are seeking sunnier retirements elsewhere.
  • 21.4% wish to be closer to family.
  • 16.4% relocate for new or improved employment opportunities.
  • 13.6% seek an enhanced quality of life.

These statistics sketch a portrait of New Jerseyans seeking change. But where are they going? Data from the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey, as analyzed by Wall St 24/7, provides insight into their new homes.

The New Frontiers: Where are New Jerseyans Heading?

  1. Florida: Leading the pack, Florida has welcomed 47,000 former New Jersey residents, constituting 17.60% of the state’s movers. Known as The Sunshine State, Florida’s allure lies in its warm climate and vibrant cities.
  2. Pennsylvania: Close behind, Pennsylvania has attracted 40,517 individuals, or 15.17% of New Jersey’s former residents, with its more affordable cost of living and proximity to the Northeastern corridor.
  3. New York: Despite its proximity, New York has drawn 38,771 people, 14.52% of the state’s movers, offering new job opportunities and the allure of city life.
  4. California: The Golden State has become home to 13,162 ex-New Jerseyans, 4.93% of the movers, drawn by tech jobs, entertainment opportunities, and diverse lifestyles.
  5. Texas: With 12,949 newcomers from New Jersey, Texas holds 4.85% of the state’s migrating population, attracted by job growth and a burgeoning economy.
  6. Virginia: The state has welcomed 11,155 individuals, translating to 4.18% of New Jersey’s movers, offering scenic variety and proximity to the nation’s capital.
  7. North Carolina: This state has attracted 10,750 former New Jersey residents, or 4.02%, drawn by its natural landscapes and growing job market.
  8. Georgia: Hosting 8,295 individuals from New Jersey, Georgia (3.11%) entices with its warm climate, thriving business scene, and transport hubs.
  9. Connecticut: With 8,087 former New Jerseyans, or 3.03%, Connecticut offers diverse job opportunities and a blend of urban and suburban lifestyles.
  10. South Carolina: Rounding out the list, 7,926 people, or 2.97%, have moved from New Jersey to South Carolina, seeking warmer climates and leisurely living.

Unpacking the Migration Trend

The migration from New Jersey reflects a broader narrative of Americans seeking improved lifestyles, whether it’s in terms of climate, job opportunities, or living costs. While New Jersey offers its own unique advantages, the data highlights a significant trend of residents pursuing their aspirations and needs elsewhere.

This transition impacts both New Jersey and the destination states, reshaping demographics, economies, and communities. As these trends continue to unfold, they offer valuable insights into the changing priorities and patterns of American life.

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