The 10 Best Things To Do In Alpine, Texas, Near Big Bend

Alpine, Texas, a charming gateway to the Big Bend region, offers a myriad of activities that blend history, culture, and natural beauty. This guide highlights the top things to do in and around Alpine, making it a must-visit destination for travelers exploring the Lone Star State.

1. Museum of the Big Bend

A visit to the Museum of the Big Bend is a journey through the area’s rich history and culture. Located on the Sul Ross State University campus, the museum offers insights into the Big Bend region’s past, including its relationship with Mexico​​​​.

2. Historic Downtown Alpine

Downtown Alpine is brimming with historic charm. Take a walking tour to explore its array of historic homes, churches, and shops, and experience the town’s unique heritage​​.

3. Alpine’s Colorful Murals

While strolling through Alpine, don’t miss the opportunity to admire and photograph its numerous vibrant murals, each telling a story of the town’s artistic flair​​.

4. Holland Hotel

Stay at the Holland Hotel, an iconic 1928 establishment that exudes glamour and history, with whispers of being haunted. It’s a window into the area’s past, offering a unique lodging experience​​.

5. Kokernot Field

Sports enthusiasts should catch a game at Kokernot Field, hailed by Sports Illustrated as “The Best Little Ballpark in Texas (Or Anywhere Else)”​​​​.

6. Hancock Hill

For a unique adventure, hike to Hancock Hill and discover a desk with a notebook waiting for visitors to leave their mark. The hill provides stunning views of the surrounding countryside​​.

7. Big Bend National Park

No trip to Alpine would be complete without exploring Big Bend National Park. Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, from the Chisos Mountains to the Rio Grande, it offers numerous trails and scenic spots​​.

8. Big Bend Ranch State Park

Adjacent to the national park, Big Bend Ranch State Park is a less-known but equally mesmerizing destination, perfect for those seeking solitude and natural beauty​​.

9. Prada Marfa

A must-visit roadside attraction, Prada Marfa, is an art installation that has become a cultural landmark. It’s a surreal experience of luxury in the middle of the Texan desert​​.

10. McDonald Observatory

For a celestial experience, the McDonald Observatory offers star-gazing programs and is renowned for its dark skies, making it a prime location for astronomical observations​​.

Additional Attractions:

  • Cheshire Cat Antiques: Discover unique treasures at this charming antique shop​​.
  • Front Street Books: A haven for book lovers with a wide selection of titles​​.
  • The Desk on Hancock Hill: A quirky landmark offering a panoramic view of Alpine​​.
  • Stillwell Store – Hallie’s Hall of Fame Museum: Learn about the region’s ranching history and local legends​​.
  • Mariscal Mine: Explore the ruins of this historic mine, offering a glimpse into the area’s past​​.
  • Big Bend Cowboys: Experience local baseball at its finest​​.
  • Catchlight Gallery: Admire works by local artists at this cooperative gallery​​.
  • The Texas Ranch House Too: A unique store offering a variety of local products and souvenirs​​.

Alpine, Texas, with its blend of history, culture, and nature, offers an enriching and diverse experience for all visitors. Whether you’re exploring its historical sites, enjoying its natural beauty, or engaging with its vibrant art scene, Alpine is a destination that truly captures the essence of West Texas.

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