The D.C. Cannabis Business Association Is Advancing Rapidly, Do You Want To 'SEE'

The D.C. Cannabis Business Association Is Advancing Rapidly, Do You Want To ‘SEE’

DEBARYLIFE – Welcome to the new Q&A series from The Outlaw Report, which is centered on the Mid-Atlantic cannabis market. Our series seeks to highlight the innovators and authorities who are influencing the regional cannabis market.

We examine the accomplishments, difficulties, and tales of companies and individuals at the forefront of cannabis law, commerce, and innovation in the area via their personal experiences and observations.

The D.C. Cannabis Business Association, a group of committed activists, seasoned businesspeople, and enthusiastic locals, is the subject of our third interview. They are creating a cannabis market in D.C. that emphasizes fairness, sustainability, and small companies.

The president of D.C. CBA, Lisa Scott, claims to have planned the city’s inaugural cannabis pop-up in 2017. This occasion and ensuing pop-ups paved the path for the city’s cannabis gifting culture.

Scott was among the first to identify the I-71 gifting loophole. In addition, she started her own consumables brand, Bud Appetit consumables. Check out the interview in its entirety here!

Thank you for coming, and welcome!

Could you briefly introduce the mission of D.C. CBA to us?

We launched a few years ago to prepare local would-be ganjapreneurs for legitimate business in anticipation of the Rider being lifted. However, the Rider remained in place, and our only option was to push for reforms, such as testifying before the D.C. Council about the need to create a simple and inexpensive entry point into the sector. In the end, the council chose to approve the present expansion.

We are therefore making every effort to ease, inform, and educate individuals on the challenging process of switching from illegal to legal, as well as merely starting a business in general, given the large number of people who have applied for licenses.

What area of the Washington, D.C. cannabis industry is your favorite?

The current shift from the gray to the legal markets excites us because it will improve the neighborhood and elevate everyone involved.

The D.C. Cannabis Business Association Is Advancing Rapidly, Do You Want To 'SEE' (1)

What are you most eager to assist members with when it comes to connecting them?

We are eager to establish a community inside the sector. Government representatives have been invited to many of our TOWN HALLS to help enlighten, educate, and address specific inquiries from the public on any element of entering the cannabis business.

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The following event will begin on May 31, 2024.

What distinguishes D.C. CBA?

As the sole group that has proposed answers and is still putting in a lot of effort to ensure that this new sector succeeds and benefits everyone, we are a non-profit that has been fighting for the local cannabis community since its founding.

The members of our board have been putting in a lot of overtime, contributing their own free time and covering all expenses personally. We take this action because we firmly think that we can establish a positive relationship with the cannabis sector.

What special advantages do cannabis companies who partner with you receive?

We’re building a database of service providers to help lower some of the overhead associated with operating a business, in addition to offering our members many benefits.

Could you give an instance where a client benefited from your services?

Two of the earliest I-71 stores—Green Theory in Palisades and Wash Hydro in Adams Morgan—were assisted by us in obtaining licenses and opening.

Additionally, we’ve finally convinced the Department of Buildings and ABCA to provide permission for cannabis companies to open in 33 additional zones after months of battling over zoning concerns with them.

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