The Maryland Youth Fishing Rodeo schedule for the 2024 season has been set

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is thrilled to announce the schedule for the 2024 Maryland Youth Fishing Rodeo, inviting young anglers aged 3 to 15 to immerse themselves in the timeless tradition of fishing.

This year’s lineup boasts an impressive array of 50 youth fishing rodeos, meticulously organized across 14 counties, ensuring that every young enthusiast has the chance to participate in this cherished outdoor activity.

In collaboration with a host of organizations, the department aims to provide thousands of youths with free, fun-filled fishing events, many of which will take place in the scenic backdrop of Maryland State Parks and other accessible public lands. These events are not only about casting lines but also about weaving a deeper connection between young anglers and the natural world.

Rooted in a rich heritage that spans over six decades, Maryland’s children’s fishing rodeos are more than just events; they are a gateway to building a lifelong passion for fishing and fostering a profound respect for environmental conservation.

The program, generously supported by financial contributions from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, is designed to offer safe fishing environments, impart essential angling skills, and instill an ethic of environmental stewardship among participants.

While participation in the rodeos is complimentary and open to all, prospective attendees are advised to note that certain events may have limitations on space.

To ensure a spot at these sought-after events, the department encourages early registration through their website. Additionally, it’s important to stay informed on any updates to the schedule, including cancellations or rescheduling, by checking the online rodeo itinerary.

Beyond the youth fishing rodeos, anglers of all ages and expertise levels are invited to explore competitive fishing opportunities through various blue catfish tournaments hosted in Maryland throughout the year.

These tournaments present a fantastic avenue for more seasoned anglers to challenge themselves and enjoy the spirit of competition.

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources is committed to nurturing the next generation of anglers, instilling a love for fishing and a dedication to conserving our natural resources.

The 2024 Youth Fishing Rodeo is set to be a memorable experience, blending the joy of fishing with valuable lessons in environmental stewardship. So, grab your fishing gear, and let’s make a splash this season!

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