The Most postal robberies in California occurred in 2023 in San Francisco and Oakland According to research

In the bustling urban landscapes of San Francisco and Oakland, a concerning trend has emerged that puts the spotlight on the safety of postal workers and the sanctity of personal correspondence. Recent data from 2023 has unveiled an unsettling reality: these cities are leading California in the number of postal robberies, posing serious challenges for mail carriers and residents alike.

Bill Murphy, a dedicated mail carrier navigating the East Bay’s terrain, embodies the growing fears and realities faced by postal workers daily. Clocking in over 10 miles a day, his routine of delivering letters and parcels now comes with an increased sense of caution.

Murphy’s personal experiences with robbery — not once, but twice — mirror a national surge in postal workers being targeted, often at gunpoint.

A revealing analysis by ABC7’s data journalism team has put numbers to the narrative. In 2023 alone, California witnessed 145 postal robberies, with a staggering 61% occurring within the Bay Area.

Delving deeper, San Francisco accounted for 23% and Oakland for 16% of these incidents statewide. This trend not only underscores a regional problem but also highlights the pressing need for solutions.

Murphy’s encounters with crime serve as harrowing examples. In one incident, a woman, masked and brazen, stole a tray of mail right from his truck in broad daylight. Another encounter escalated when Murphy faced a man demanding his postal belongings at gunpoint. These are not isolated incidents but part of a larger, more worrying pattern of crime.

The impact extends beyond the immediate danger to postal workers. In San Francisco’s zip code 94110, which covers the Mission and Bernal Heights neighborhoods, postal workers faced the brunt of this uptick in crime, with six robberies and an assault reported last year alone.

Residents like Reed Jones from Bernal Heights express frustration and fear as their mailboxes fall prey to break-ins repeatedly, leading to the loss of critical items such as prescriptions, identity documents, and personal correspondence.

The response from the postal community has been one of outrage and demand for change. The National Association of Letter Carriers, led by President Edward Fletcher, has been vocal in its call for action, emphasizing the psychological trauma inflicted on postal workers who are merely attempting to fulfill their civic duty.

The association’s rallies and public statements shed light on the urgent need for enhanced safety measures and support for those who serve as the nation’s lifelines of communication.

In response to the escalating crisis, the United States Postal Inspection has significantly increased the reward for reporting mail crimes — from $50,000 to $150,000. This substantial raise is a clear indicator of the severity of the situation and the commitment to curbing the spate of postal robberies.

As the data from 2023 paints a grim picture of the challenges faced by postal workers in San Francisco and Oakland, it beckons a collective reflection and action from community members, law enforcement, and policymakers.

The increase in postal robberies is not just an attack on individual workers but an assault on the very fabric of public trust and security. Addressing this issue requires a multifaceted approach, emphasizing prevention, protection, and penalties, to restore safety and integrity to the postal service and ensure that mail carriers like Murphy can perform their duties without fear.

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