There Are The Impactful Hearing, More Than 200 Cops Attend as Suspect Admits Involvement in Detective's Death

There Are The Impactful Hearing, More Than 200 Cops Attend as Suspect Admits Involvement in Detective’s Death

Debarylife – More than 200 of the best and brightest from New York crowded a Queens courthouse on Monday to see the indictment of two career criminals in the killing of heroic police officer Jonathan Diller during a traffic stop. Prosecutors said that the driver had confessed, “I shoot people.”

Lindy Jones did not display any emotion as prosecutors stated he faces four charges of criminal weapons possession. Jones was the driver of the Kia Soul that was pulled over by police when his passenger, Guy Rivera, reportedly opened fire on Diller last week.

The indictment, according to Assistant District Attorney Gabriel Reale, “relates to a.9mm pistol recovered from the glove compartment of a Kia Soul.”

“Guy Rivera, the defendant’s now-co-defendant, was riding in that Kia Soul when he pulled over for a second.380-caliber gun and discharged, killing Jonathan Diller, a police officer and, as of now, a posthumous detective.

The allegations against Rivera include attempted murder, first- and second-degree murder, and criminal gun possession. Rivera was not present in court and is still being treated for a gunshot wound.

There Are The Impactful Hearing, More Than 200 Cops Attend as Suspect Admits Involvement in Detective's Death (1)

Outside the courtroom, Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz declared, “We live in a society where shooting a police officer needs to be held accountable.” This man lost his life while performing his duties. In addition to being a brother and a parent, he was a son. He never returned home after leaving to perform his job one day.

Following the shooting, prosecutors say, a 9 mm handgun was discovered in Jones’ car’s glove compartment. Jones is accused of telling police, “My name is Lindy Jones Jr. and I shoot people.”

Along with his 21 busts, Rivera, 34, is a seasoned criminal who served five years in state prison for a narcotics charge before being released in 2021 and serving out his parole in 2022.

According to authorities, Diller, a married father of a 1-year-old child, was wounded below his bulletproof vest when he was questioning Jones and Rivera after noticing their vehicle parked at a Far Rockaway bus stop.

The suspected killer was engaged in a life-or-death struggle for the murder weapon with Diller’s NYPD sergeant partner when the young officer, who was critically injured, snatched Rivera’s gun, according to sources.

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In the scuffle, Rivera sustained injuries.

Jones was placed under arrest and then charged with possessing guns. Reale stated that the two cases will now be consolidated. At the time, he was free on $75,000 bail related to a prior gun possession charge.

According to NYPD Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Hendry, Jones is a “career criminal who has been arrested many, many times and was arrested for an illegal firearm less than a year ago.”

For what reason was he back on the streets? “It ought to have been remanded,” he declared. “And he had another illegal firearm in his car last Monday.” He is equally accountable to the triggerman for our hero brother’s demise.

There Are The Impactful Hearing, More Than 200 Cops Attend as Suspect Admits Involvement in Detective's Death (2)

“We have a dysfunctional criminal justice system. We’ve stated that numerous times,” Hendry said. In this instance, the shift must begin right away. It must begin right away.

Rivera and Jones, according to police sources, were suspected of robbing a cell phone store and had been parked in front of it for at least ten minutes before Diller became suspicious.

In an attempt to get out of trouble, Jones claimed that Rivera was a hitchhiker he had recently picked up.

Prosecutors claim that he informed 101st Precinct officers, “There is another gun in the car.” It seems like they located it. I’m here for that reason.

Judge Gia Morris remanded Jones into custody at Rikers Island on Monday. Jones, who was dressed in an orange prison uniform, is scheduled to be arraigned on the indictment on April 16.

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Murray Singer, his attorney, stayed silent. The court date for Rivera is May 7.

Following a two-day wake that gathered hundreds of uniformed officers from throughout the country and featured a visit from former President Donald Trump, Diller, 31, a three-year veteran of New York’s Finest, was laid to rest after funeral ceremonies in Massapequa over the weekend.

In a poignant funeral, the deceased officer’s spouse criticized local and state lawmakers for their inability to protect law enforcement officers and keep violent offenders such as River and Long off the streets.

Stephanie Diller told the mourners, “Just like my husband Jonathan Diller, it’s been two years and two months since Detective Rivera and Detective Mora made the ultimate sacrifice.” “Dominque Rivera begged for change in front of all the elected officials in attendance today.

She said, “That change never happened.” I shall age without my spouse, and my son will grow up without his father. And his parents have to bid their child farewell.

Ryan, the couple’s son, also survives Diller.

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