Trump and Biden Focus on Garnering Support from Georgia Voters, What Situation Will Turn Now

Trump and Biden Focus on Garnering Support from Georgia Voters, What Situation Will Turn Now

DEBARYLIFE – On Wednesday, Donald Trump visited Atlanta for a closed-door campaign fundraiser function. Joe Biden has revealed plans to expand his office space and add more employees in the state in the interim.

On Wednesday, former President Donald Trump stopped in Georgia as part of his campaign. He was in Atlanta for a private charity function.

President Joe Biden and President Trump are putting a lot of effort into out-fundraising one other, especially in the Peach State.

Many people didn’t anticipate Georgia to go blue for Joe Biden in 2020, according to Dr. Kimberly Martin, an assistant professor at Georgia Southern University. In Georgia, his victory was rather narrow. Georgia is now viewed as a major prize by both campaigns in their chase for electoral votes and the presidency.”

Team Biden has raised more money nationally than Team Trump. But in Georgia, it’s not the same.

Trump and Biden Focus on Garnering Support from Georgia Voters, What Situation Will Turn Now (1)

Donald Trump has raised $2.4 million in Georgia, according to the most recent records about campaign funding. It has raised $1.1 million for Joe Biden.

“Trump has truly attempted to raise money in Georgia with great effort. He is hosting fundraisers and similar events. Currently, Joe Biden’s campaign hasn’t accomplished anything significant. All they’re concentrating on in Georgia are grassroots and other donations,” Martin remarked.

But Biden has stated that he intends to expand his office space and hire more staff members in Georgia.

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“They’ve been trying to gather folks together who might go out and help, you know, canvass, call people, knock on doors, do all the things that you would do normally in the state,” Martin explained. “He is reaching out to colleges in an attempt to secure internships. I have indeed received emails from their campaign requesting students to join in the initiative.”

Biden defeated Trump by over 11,000 votes in the most recent presidential contest. Martin stated that in order to win over voters, both candidates will need to put in more effort this time around.

Several Georgian Senate campaigns in 2020 significantly contributed to the turnout of voters. Therefore, it went beyond the presidential election. Senate campaigns were also involved. This year, that won’t be an issue. The state is not currently seeing any Senate contests.

In terms of the organizational framework they offered to support voter registration and turnout, Stacey Abrams and her group are also a major asset to the Biden campaign, according to Martin. “I’m not sure at this point what her involvement will be, but that was a major factor and getting a lot of people to the polls who may not have naturally gone to the polls before.”

Martin expressed her opinion that it is unreliable to forecast the election winner based solely on funding figures.

“I believe that in general, a campaign’s success isn’t always ensured by raising, spending, or amassing the greatest amount of money. You know, you witness instances of this. As you may recall, in 2016 Donald Trump won despite Hillary Clinton’s fundraising advantage.

Or you see Jon Ossoff, who won after significantly outspending David Perdue. So in this instance, having the most money, raising the most money, or spending the most money doesn’t always translate into victory, according to Martin.

51% of Georgians stated in a Marist survey from March that they would vote for Trump. Biden would receive 47% of the vote.

The amount of money that Trump raised on Wednesday during his rally in Georgia is yet unknown.

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