Utah's Naming Laws - The Baby Names You Can't Use!

“Utah’s Naming Laws” – The Baby Names You Can’t Use!

DEBARYLIFE – Is it truly against the law to give your child a particular name? Yes, in fact. Some names are prohibited or unlawful in the United States and other nations!

Several explanations for a name prohibition include:

  1. Character restrictions
  2. Vulgar or disagreeable names, brackets, empty spaces, and symbols
  3. Formal titles and royal names
  4. Names for products, businesses, superheroes, and contentious terms



Though, now that I think about it, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone named King. This one seems fascinating.

The Queen:

One cannot be unlawful without the other. The US does not permit Kings or Queens.


You would never harm your child in this way. To make a joke? Alternatively, perhaps you are exceedingly devout and wish to name your child after God’s child. In any case, never abuse your child in any way.

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Three? Three? Three? The Roman numerals are, I believe, the issue here.

Presiding judge:

Although I am aware that having the last name “Judge” is not against the law, it appears that the first name “Judge” is in the states!


My biggest shock is this one. Truly? Does your child not have the name Duke?


I present to you all my son, Santa Claus! All year long, he is full of joy! This one is an additional one. Never treat your child that way!

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In the United States, there has to be a Majesty, right? Name of a stripper, for sure, but nonetheless! That is unexpected!

Hitler, Adolf:

It indicates that someone tried it and failed if their name is on this list! Why would you harm your child in that way?


Don’t even consider it, but if you’re religious, this one doesn’t seem ALL that wild! NOTHING!


Absent any symbols! Not permitted. Why, though, would you want to name your child “At” even in that case?


How come it’s even on the list? Has anybody given this a try? 42069 is visible to me, but 1069? Strange indeed!


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Fresh Zealand:

Canva Canva 4Real Knight of the Order of Saint Justice

Bishop of Chief Maximus Fish and Chips, Lucifer.

Saudi Arabia’s Anal:

Sandy Elaine Canva Canva
Alice Amir, a prince from Australia:

Sweden: Canva Canva Duke Spinach LOL Batman Bonghead God iMac Smelly

Metallica Canva Canva
Ikea Superman Veranda

Elvis in Mexico:

Canva Robocop Rocky Canva Christ
The Rolling Stone
All Authority Facebook, Harry Potter

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