Voter-driven HCR 2060 Could Increase Police Presence in Southern Arizona

Voter-driven HCR 2060 Could Increase Police Presence in Southern Arizona

Border issues are expected to be on the ballot, and if they become law, they could have a big effect on how local police work.

The “Secure the Border Act,” also known as House Concurrent Resolution 2060, would make it illegal for people to enter Arizona through a legal port of entry. This means that state, city, and county police could arrest someone for breaking the law.

On Wednesday, Republican politicians and law enforcement officials held a news conference at the state capitol. During the conference, The Center Square asked how this might affect hiring practices and border operations in the area.

“Our goal is to make a deterrent.” “I’m sure that Cochise County will need to hire more deputies, more detention staff, and more resources,” said David Rhodes, sheriff of Yavapai County and head of the Arizona Sheriffs Association. “Everyone needs to know that Pima County, Santa Cruz, and Yuma are all important.” We’ll have to wait and figure that out because it’s not clear yet.

Even though the federal government is mostly in charge of this problem, The Center Square reported from Cochise County in March on the local efforts that are being made to keep an eye out for illegal crosses.

The “strike everything” amendment to the resolution is being looked at by a joint committee of the House Committee on Judiciary and the Senate Committee on Military Affairs, Public Safety, and Border Security. The new text of the bill is likely to be approved by this committee. The change was still being talked about at the time of release.

At the same time, Democrats in Arizona are worried that the bill’s ideas could lead to racial profiling. They have even compared it to Senate Bill 1070 from 2010. It was called a “job-killing, anti-business ballot initiative” by Gov. Katie Hobbs in a statement on Wednesday.

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