What Are The Coyote Concerns, Atlanta Residents on High Alert for Public Safety

What Are The Coyote Concerns, Atlanta Residents on High Alert for Public Safety

Debarylife – The coyote population, according to residents in a community next to Chastain Park, is out of control and endangering little children and their pets.

Rob Pitcher, a resident, stated, “A few mornings ago, I was out taking my daughter to the school bus, and there was just one walking down the street in front of the house.”

Pitcher stated that he thinks a group of coyotes had made a lair in the forest a short distance behind his home.

He worries that they’ll attack his little puppy.

“There are coyote groups, and they will congregate. They are visible from my back deck. They were nose to nose until my dog approached them by the barrier. I hurried back to retrieve my dog. And this enormous coyote was standing close to me. Pitcher stated that he was not scared of her.

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Human attacks by coyotes are uncommon. However, it has been reported that the creatures would chase after small children and household pets.

“You should not leave children unattended in an area where coyotes may be present at night. Dogs are attacked by coyotes, particularly little dogs. However, cats are attacked more frequently than dogs, according to Jason Clark, a nuisance animal controller.

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Pitcher claimed he made requests to the Georgia DNR and animal control to have the coyotes in his neighborhood trapped and removed.

He claimed they essentially informed him they weren’t accountable. Typically, certified nuisance animal controllers do this task. However, it’s difficult to capture a coyote in a residential neighborhood.

“Box traps are an option, but coyotes are cunning animals. Usually, they are difficult to get into box traps. We thus employ a foothold trap. The drawback of employing a footing trap is that baiting is required. Additionally, because dogs and cats are often on the loose, it is simple to catch someone’s pet with a trap like that, which may result in harm, according to Clark.

Additionally, coyotes cannot be captured and moved, unlike bothersome bears.

In Georgia, coyotes are regarded as rabies vectors. Therefore, we are unable to relocate any of the creatures we catch, be it a fox, coyote, skunk, or raccoon. When they are captured, we have to put them to death,” Clark added.

Pitcher that he would give his city council representative a call to see what steps the city may take to combat the increasing number of coyotes.

Pitcher stated, “When coyotes are roaming free and they’re not necessarily afraid of humans, it does seem like a matter of personal safety.”

When it comes to coyote population, Georgia is in the top ten states.

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