Authorities Confirm Identity of Man Shot in Northwest DC

Authorities Confirm Identity of Man Shot in Northwest DC

WASHINGTON — According to DC News Now The man who was shot and died early on Tuesday morning in Northwest Washington, D.C., has been identified, according to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD).

According to the police, they were called to the 2100 block of 9th Street at around 1:20 a.m. due to gunfire.

Officers discovered a man who had been shot when they got to the site. After being taken to the hospital, he passed away there.

DC police are looking for the suspect in the Southeast stabbing. The individual was recognized as Northwest, D.C. resident Marquis Ward, 19.

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Following the incident, local law enforcement has stepped up patrols in the area and is collaborating closely with community leaders to address issues and put plans in place to improve public safety.

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The community’s condolences and prayers are with the victim and their loved ones as the shooting investigation is ongoing. Residents are also urged to maintain their vigilance and notify law authorities right away of any suspicious activities.

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The man who was shot in Northwest Washington, DC, has been identified, which is a sobering reminder that we must keep up our work to combat and prevent gun violence in our neighborhoods.

To make places safer for everyone to live, work, and prosper, locals, law enforcement, and community leaders must collaborate.

The police’s number to report information is 202-727-9099.

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