Double Attack Cases! Alleged Gunman Charged In Kidnapping, Carjacking, And Murder Case Police Escalate Probe

Double Attack Cases! Alleged Gunman Charged In Kidnapping, Carjacking, And Murder Case: Police Escalate Probe

DEBARYLIFE – Jordanish Torres-Garcia mug image on the left (Seminole County Sheriff’s Office). Correct: Authorities claim that Torres-Garcia abducted Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas from her automobile while wearing a mask and carrying a gun.

A few weeks after the incident, police in another county officially charged a guy as the armed, masked culprit who broke into a woman’s Dodge Durango and shot her to death inside of it.

A federal charge of carjacking with fatality has been brought against Jordanish Torres-Garcia.

Although Torres-Garcia, 28, had previously drawn the attention of Seminole County, Florida deputies, this is the first time that anyone, much less him, has been accused of kidnapping or murdering Katherine Altagracia Guerrero De Aguasvivas. This is an important breakthrough in a case involving multiple counties and the island of Puerto Rico, where multiple individuals have been charged with narcotics offenses.

Last Monday, authorities announced that they suspected 28-year-old Kevin Ocasio Justiniano of being the driver of the green Acura that struck Guerrero’s car. He and Torres-Garcia were supposed to face charges of carjacking that resulted in death, according to deputies.

Double Attack Cases! Alleged Gunman Charged In Kidnapping, Carjacking, And Murder Case Police Escalate Probe (1)

At first, Justiniano was detained on unconnected allegations of guns and narcotics trafficking. Federal records do not currently contain his name. In a news briefing on Monday, the authorities revealed that he had departed from Florida for Puerto Rico on April 13, which was two days after the abduction and killing.

Additionally, according to federal court records, Torres-Garcia stated that he received $1,500 in exchange for kidnapping Guerrero and bringing her to a private residence.

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“He reported that about half an hour before the robbery, he had a meeting with someone close to Lake Drive in Casselberry, where they gave him the AR-15 that would be used in the robbery,” they wrote. “Garcia claims the AR-15 was not loaded.”

Investigators did not address whether they believed this account to be true or who they believed this person to be.

However, according to the investigators, she was struck by a green Acura near East Lake Drive. At the intersection of Tuskawilla Road and the red light, she stopped. Law enforcement has identified the armed and masked suspect as Torres-Garcia. The incident was captured on camera when the suspect exited the Acura and entered the Durango.

Deputies in Osceola County to the south received a call for assistance involving gunshots and a burning vehicle one hour and forty-five minutes later. That vehicle was the Durango. According to federal authorities, Guerrero was found to have been shot multiple times inside the SUV.

During their joint news conference on Monday, Seminole County Sheriff Dennis Lemma and U.S. Attorney Roger Handberg of the Middle District of Florida provided further details about the intricate, multi-jurisdictional investigation but not a motive. They saw the murder and kidnapping as targets.

Two further arrests related to their activities were already announced by the authorities. Guerrero last chatted on FaceTime with Giovany Joel Crespo Hernandez, according to investigators, before she was killed.

Last week, deputies stated, “It’s believed she was on her way to meet Crespo Hernandez at his Casselberry home to deliver money and other items.” Crespo Hernandez has not yet been charged with the carjacking/homicide. He is still behind bars for trafficking in fentanyl and marijuana with the intention of selling it.

Due to her suspected theft of a package of cocaine, his 27-year-old girlfriend Monicsabel Romero Soto is also facing a narcotics charge.

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