Healthcare Redirection Bluffton Clinic Closes as Hospital Halts Delivery Services

Healthcare Redirection: Bluffton Clinic Closes as Hospital Halts Delivery Services

BLUFFTON, Ind. – On Wednesday, a women’s health clinic in Bluffton announced that it will be closing its doors the next month, following the announcement that a nearby hospital would be discontinuing its delivery services.

According to a press statement issued by Meridian Health Services in conjunction with Lutheran Health Physicians, the 28th of June is the final day that appointments can be scheduled at the healthcare facility that serves the women of Meridian.

Concerning women’s health, the clinic now provides care to over 1,500 patients, 67 of whom are pregnant and are in the process of transferring their care in preparation for hospital delivery, according to a spokeswoman who spoke with WANE 15.

On Tuesday, Lutheran Health announced that two hospitals, including Bluffton Regional Medical Center, will shortly stop providing inpatient labor and delivery services. Bluffton Regional Medical Center is one of the hospitals that made the announcement.

As a result of this, Lutheran Health Physicians and Meridian Health Services were forced to make a challenging decision because it would have an impact on the services they provide for women’s health, as stated in the statement.

Those patients who have appointments booked before the closing date will be taken care of, and according to the announcement, all of the patients who are currently being treated by Meridian Health Services can anticipate receiving a letter in the mail from the organization that will include information regarding the release of medical information and resources for their new provider.

At 1026 South Main Street, you will find the Bluffton clinic. If you have any questions regarding the closure, please contact Meridian Women’s Health, which is working in conjunction with Lutheran Health Physicians, at the number 260-919-3880.

According to Meridian, the following are some of the nearest locations that provide primary medical treatment as well as routine gynecological care:

  • Bluffton MeridianMD – Internal Medicine at 303 S. Main St.
  • Fort Wayne MeridianMD at 2622 Lake Ave.
  • Portland MeridianMD at 406 W. Votaw St.

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